Madera Speedway Track Rules 2017



Note; All drivers, all classes, "Head and neck restraining devices are mandatory(neck collars/donuts are acceptable for lower level classes), Full face helmets are required. No motorcycle Helmets allowed.
" Approved racing helmet with 2000 or newer Snell SA (SA2000) Certification sticker is mandatory. "M" type not
allowed. SA 2005 or newer recommended.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct during Madera Speedway racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements and behavior for such events. These rules shall govern the
condition of all events and by competing or participating in these events all competitors and participants are deemed to have
complied with these rules. It is ultimately the obligation of each competitor or participant to insure that their conduct and
equipment comply with all applicable Madera Speedway rules, as they may be amended from time to time. The rules are
designed to reduce the risk of injury to competitors, participants, and spectators during such events. No expressed or
implied warranty of safety shall result in the publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are
intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants,
spectators, or others. Importantly, any member involved in an accident or injured while on the racing premises must report to the Official in charge before leaving the premises in order to be eligible for insurance benefits (providing such member is
physically able to make such a report).

License and Registration

All competitors, participants, and Officials must be licensed by STM before taking part in any Madera Speedway event. An eligible driver is a STM member holding a driver's license for the division in which he/she is competing in and is in good
standing with Madera Speedway. STM licenses must be carried at all times and be presented on demand to any Official or
Madera Speedway Management person. (Note, there is a provision for a Non-Member to compete in all Madera Speedway
divisions, but they will not be allowed any series, season ending or other bonus
money, or awards beyond the events of the night.
2. Madera Speedway Management reserves the right to approve or reject any and all applications.
3. Only STM members in good standing will be allowed a membership pit permit at discount rates.
4. Any STM member who allows any other person to use, or attempt to use his/her license in any manner will be subject to
5. No person under the age of fourteen (14) years will be permitted to compete, participate.
6. If you are 14-17 years of age, you must have a consent form from your parent or guardian to be allowed a pit permit or
STM license. You must show proof of age and the document provided as proof of age must be notarized. The approved
release form is on the STM membership form, which must be completed and signed appropriately by all parties.
7. If proof of driving ability is deemed necessary, tests may be conducted by, and at the discretion of Officials, and their
decisions shall be binding on the applicant.
8. Car numbers are assigned by the Madera Speedway office. Madera Speedway reserves the right to issue all numbers to
prevent duplication and to maintain proper records. Only STM members may reserve a car number.
9. When a number other than that officially assigned is used or the number is not legible, Madera Speedway assumes no
responsibility in the event of error in scoring, point tabulation, or purse payment. Madera Speedway reserves the right to
change any car number to avoid duplication. (No duplications will be allowed).
10. To keep your previous number you must race the first five races of the following season.
11. All cars assigned a number by Madera Speedway are considered to be a registered Madera Speedway car.
12. CAR NUMBERS: All numbers must be a minimum of 4 inches wide and 18 inches tall in contrasting color of the car. NO
GOLD, SILVER, or CHROME numbers on cars. Number on top of car must be readable from the grandstand side/right side
of car. If notified, you will have one week to fix your number, this will be a written notification and/or verbal. If no attempt to fix
number has been made you can not compete until the number is corrected and approved by Scoring. This will remain in
effect until the number is fixed and legible. The Scorer is available to offer suggestions to make your number legible. Scoring
may rule that a driver can be penalized by scoring instead of receiving a fine or suspension. For example, a driver may be
penalized a position, or a lap for an action on the track instead of receiving a fine. This will be at the Race Director's
discretion. Scoring has the final decision.
13. All registered cars must be kept neatly painted and clean.
14. Absolutely no obscenity or anything deemed detrimental to the sport of racing is to be displayed on a racecar or any area
of visibility.
15. All STM members must be responsible for their actions whether in the pit area or a spectator in the grandstands. Madera
Speedway reserves the right to take action by fines or suspension of STM license.
18. No toe-less shoes, or sandals are allowed in the pit areas.
19. No animals are allowed in the pit area.
20. The maximum speed limit in the pit area is 5 MPH at all times.
21. No alcoholic beverages allowed in the pit area before or during any race. No consumption of alcoholic beverages in the
grandstand area by a team member or driver.


1. Madera Speedway considers it a PRIVILEGE, not a right, for any competitor or participant to compete or participate in
any Madera Speedway event.
2. The gravity of the violation and its effects on the safety and good reputation of racing and sponsors determines the
penalties for violations of Madera Speedway rules. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to, disqualification, or an
indefinite suspension of competitor or participants, or loss of membership, or license privileges, fines, and/or loss of points.
3. Madera Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone and to remove anyone from the premises who is
deemed to be detrimental to the sport of racing.
4. No one will be allowed in the pit area until they have secured a pit permit and signed the Waiver and Release sheet for that
particular meet. Pit permits are not transferable and are not to be signed by anyone except the person to whom the permit is
issued. A pit permit is for entrance to the pits only. Permission must be granted by an Official or Management before entering
any other restricted area. Violations are punishable by an immediate ejection, suspension, and/or fine and/or disqualification
of driver and car associated with violator.
5. STM competitors must show their valid STM license when signing for pit permits. Members without their license may not
6. By entering any Madera Speedway event and/or taking part in any activity relating to the event, a competitor or participant
agrees to abide by the decisions of those Officials relating to the event and that such decisions are final. They agree that the
track and all properties within and around the track are in a safe and usable condition if they take part in the activities of the
7. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of everyone associated with their car at any time while on the entire premises,
whether competing, participating, or as spectators
8. It is the responsibility of the competitor or participant to know and abide by the rules and regulations (including but not
limited to technical, race procedure, and any track rules that may be in effect), of all events prior to competing or participating
in any such events.
9. No competitor or participant shall take part or participate in any strike, boycott or any other action or activity considered
detrimental to the sport of racing (including, but not limited to, any petition or meeting of two (2) or more persons with the
intent to undermine Madera Speedway, its sanctioning body, any of its constituents, personnel, properties, or possessions).
Madera Speedway reserves the right to subject violators to, but is not limited to, immediate and indefinite suspension from
all Madera Speedway events.
10. Madera Speedway reserves the right to test any and all competitors at any time for safety, skill, and ability to control a
race car in competition at any event.
11. Any competitor or participant who, while competing or participating in any event, partakes of any alcoholic beverage,
stimulating, depressing, or tranquilizing drugs, or is otherwise under the influence of alcohol or drugs, shall be shall be
disqualified, immediately ejected, fined a minimum of $500.00 and assessed a definite or indefinite suspension.
12. Madera Speedway Officials' interpretation and application of all rules contained herein as well as all amendment or
supplements and revisions that may be implemented shall be final and binding.
13. It is incumbent upon each individual participant to report to the Officials the presence of any unauthorized person known
to be in the pits or other restricted areas.
14. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any competitor or participant while on the entire premises will not be tolerated. This
includes, but is not limited to, fighting, loud, and/or abusive/foul language/gestures, poor attitude, or displaying a lack of
control of temper. Violations are punishable by, but not limited to, immediate ejection, and/or suspension, and/or a minimum
$100.00 fine.
15. Anyone specifically entering the area where another team is pitted and should a disturbance of any kind occur said party
while not in their respective pit area will be considered to be at fault for causing the disturbance, (you will be subject to a fine,
and or suspension & ejection from Madera Speedway).
16. Any competitor, participant, or member who assaults or threatens in any manner any Official, Speedway Staff member, or
persons serving under his or her direction of Madera Speedway, competitor, participant, fan, or anyone, is subject to, but is
not limited to, immediate ejection, and indefinite suspension, and fined up to $500. Madera Speedway Officials/staff may
eject a member or non-member from an event or from the racing premises in a situation in order to promote the orderly
conduct of the event; an ejection is final, non-protest able, and non-reviewable.
17. It should be noted that all tow trucks and push trucks, and safety crews are at the track to assist you, usually on a voluntary
basis, therefore it is a requirement that you show them the courtesy they deserve. The Madera Speedway will not tolerate any
abuse of these people.
18. One pit person is recommended to remain with each car in the pit area at all times to avoid possible theft and damage.
Madera Speedway or Madera Speedway personnel are not responsible for any theft or damage incurred while on the
19. Entries in certain events may be on an invitational or provisional basis at the discretion of Track Management.
20. If any competitor dominates a class by winning too many events, and by running away from competition, a meeting of the
Officials and Management may be held to determine if a restriction of performance will be placed on the race car or the
driver, (if this is a lower division you may not be allowed to race in that division during the next racing season).
21. Officials reserve the right to subject any driver to a physical examination before being allowed to compete. Any driver
requiring treatment or examination at any hospital emergency room or by any doctor must have a release from the examining
doctor before further competition will be allowed. This is subject to approval of the Race Director or Chief Steward.
22. Track opening will be posted at the pit board. It is the driver's responsibility to know the racing schedule as well as to
what events they are competing in, and when to be at the staging area, or scales, for such event.
23. Competitors to be eligible for any Madera Speedway awards or point fund awards you must have competed in 80% of
the scheduled events.
24. Non Members are allowed in the Madera pit area, and will be subject to the same rules ands procedures.

Speedway Race Procedures (All drivers in all classes must use a transponder.)

Practice and Qualifying Procedures;

1. All hot laps will be run within the class of cars and divided into segments according to car count. Track, weather conditions, car count, and time will determine the number of laps. Only one hot lap segment per car and/or driver will be allowed.
2. Qualifying procedures may be accomplished through time trials, qualifying heat races, drawn numbers, or point standings
at the discretion of the Race Director. The method will be brought to the attention of all competitors before the race program
begins, with the exception of adverse conditions.
3. No driver may qualify more than one car per class in time trials or qualifying heats.
4. No car may be used by more than one driver in time trials or qualifying heats.
5. Time Trials (if used), will be lined up according to a drawn number, number one (1) being the first car to qualify, etc. Time
trials will be two (2) consecutive laps. Time restraints may only allow for one (1) lap on the clocks or not qualifying through
time trials at all.
6. During time trials, if for any reason a car is out of order in the staging area by more than three (3) positions or needs a
push start for a mechanical reason the driver and car will be allowed only (1) lap only for qualifying .
7. Any car that misses qualifying after its division has completed qualifying has a five (5) minute window. If competitor makes
it in that five minute window, he receives one (1) lap only for qualifying. The car and driver will start at the back of all events.
8. Starting positions for all events will be determined by the qualifying procedures. Line-ups may be straight up, total
inversion, or partial inversion, at the discretion of the Race Director.

Line Up;

1. It is the driver's responsibility to know their starting position
2. All drivers must be in their cars, ready to race, and in their proper line-up in the staging area before going to the starting
grid. Any car not in the proper line up when cars enter the track for their event must start in the rear, NO EXCEPTIONS. No
race will be held up because a driver or car is not ready or a driver is competing in more that one division/race
3. A scratched driver must notify the Chief Steward/Race Director immediately that the car is scratched from one or more
events. Cars scratched from the line-up cannot be put back in the line-up of the events from which they were scratched. The
car may only be scratched due to mechanical reasons.
4. If a car falls out of line before the cars line up in double file, cars will line up from single file. If a car falls out after cars have
doubled up, the row will move straight up to fill the fallen cars' position. Cars lining up on the grid, if a car is unable to make
the grid, the car following that car will move into the fallen cars' position.
5. Starting procedures: All races begin at the commencement of pace laps, but scoring and official distance begins when the
starting flag is displayed, all cars must be on the race track ready to participate when the pace lap starts.
6. To receive points and/or prize money, a car and driver must start the pace lap(s) or enter the race prior to completion of
first green flag lap.
7. At the beginning of the race, when the original or complete restart green flag is displayed by the starter, cars must maintain
positions as designated by Officials and not pull out of line or pass until they have crossed the starting line.
8. All cars entering the track from the outside pits must stop at the entrance and wait for the Official at the gate to wave them
through. All cars re-entering the track from the infield must do so only in turn 2 only.
9. All original starts will be double file.
10. Any car stalling and needing assistance to start before the initial green flag must start at rear of the field.
11. Complete restarts of any race may be given if the Race Director does not favor the first original green or an accident
severe enough that warrants a restart. All cars will restart in the starting positions of the original green flag providing they did
not pit, need a push start, or received a position penalty or involved in an accident. Only one complete restart per race will be
12. No driver change may take place after the cars have lined up on the starting grid. In the event a driver needs a relief
driver, cars must complete one lap of green flag racing and go to the infield pit area to complete a driver change. All driver
changes must be approved and be reported to the Chief Tech Official of that division, or the Chief Steward. Points and prize
money will be awarded to the starting driver. Any driver or car competing in an event deemed ineligible shall forfeit all prize
money, awarded points, and is subject to penalty.

Initial Start:

1. Double file, once the Starter shows the 'one to go' signal, cars need to position nose-to-tail and side by side.
2. The front row must maintain a steady speed until they accelerate at the drop of the green flag.
3. The front row must maintain a consistent line as they approach the start.
4. Front row starts the race at the drop of the green flag, the outside front row starter must not jump the pole position starter.
5. No passing allowed until start/finish line - you may not pull out of line, if the entire row moves up that is ok.


1. Texas Style, leader has the front row to his/herself, then double file from second back. Second place car must go to the
inside, third place to the outside, fourth place next row inside, fifth place outside, etc,etc…
2. Leader must keep a safe and steady pace at all times throughout caution period.
3. Cars will be told by officials to double up via a crossed arm signal, after the 'one to go signal', cars need to position
nose-to-tail and side by side.
4. The leader will have a choice of starting from the top, middle or bottom position, the leader will set the pace for the restart.
The leader must maintain a steady speed until the point he/she accelerates to re-start the race.
5. The leader of the race must accelerate to re-start the race within the designated re-start area.
6. No passing allowed until start/finish line - you may not pull out of line, if the entire row moves up that is ok.
7. On restarts within the final five laps of a main event, lap down cars will be moved to the rear.
8. If there are two failed restarts, the race control will have the option of going to a single file restart for the remainder of the

Yellow Flag:

1. When the yellow flag or light is displayed the field will be "frozen", hold your position and proceed with caution back to the
start finish line. DO NOT RACE TO THE START/FINISH LINE. DO NOT PASS. If you are caught passing under the caution
the penalty is a driver is moved to the rear of the field. (If you made a pass under caution by mistake you will be given the
opportunity to correct your mistake under the yellow by going back to the position you were in when the caution came out, this
must be done on your own without direction of an official, the only direction an official will give you for passing under the
caution is to go to the rear of the field).
2. Your restart position will be the running position in which you cross the start/finish line under caution (except for cars that
have made a pass under caution as they will start at the rear of the field).
3. Any discrepancies in line up will be determined by Race Control and may revert to last completed green lap (just for the
cars in question), all calls made by race control are final on this matter. If a driver is side by side with another race car when
the caution comes out stay side by side under the caution if the track is clear to do so, race control will instruct the cars to the
proper spot based on the last green flag lap or scoring loops crossed.
4. The initial yellow lap will count, after this lap the yellow laps do not count.
5. Should a car not maintain caution speed, stop or enter the pits during a yellow, it will lose its race position and will restart
at the rear of the field.
6. If a driver picks up positions after the yellow flag is displayed he/she will be penalized, penalty is being moved to the rear
of the field.
7. If you are involved in the incident that brings out the yellow, you will be positioned at the rear of the field. You will not lose a
lap, just placed at the rear of the field.
8. Officials reserve the right to utilize the yellow to check cars which are suspect and are being considered for a black flag
(leaks, smoke, sparks, etc.). After they are checked, if okay - they keep their position.
9. The race will finish under green; Except in the case that the leader has taken the White Flag and the yellow is displayed
during the White Flag, the field is frozen, do not pass and proceed safely back to the start finish line and the finishing order is
final, cars will be scored in the position they held when the yellow was displayed (except for those involved). If that relative
position could not be determined, they would be scored in the order those cars in question crossed the finish line on their last
completed green flag lap, those involved in the caution or those cars that cannot proceed at that point will be positioned
11. In the case the yellow flag/caution flag is displayed the lap prior to the white flag lap, the race will end under a green,
white, checkered. See procedure #9 for race ending once the white flag is out and then a caution flag is thrown.
12. Cautions: The yellow flag will be displayed at the Starter's discretion. The yellow flag signifies caution on the race track.
Stalling or spinning will not necessarily cause the yellow flag to be displayed.

Note; If you are involved in an accident that causes the caution to come out, you will not lose a lap (or another lap if you are
already down), but you will restart at the rear of the field. There is a three caution rule, if you are charged with causing or
being involved in three cautions you will be parked for the race.

Red Flag:

1. Cars may be worked on off the track in the designated pit area. You must re-enter at rear of the field.
2. Cars may not proceed to designated work area until authorized by Race Control to do so under red condition.
3. Positions will revert back to the previous green or yellow flag lap to set line up. Those deemed part of the occurrence that
brought out an immediate red flag or those who pit will restart at the rear of the field.

Five Lap Rule:

1. Texas Style restarts for last five (5) laps, with lapped cars moved to rear of field positioned in running order.

Yellow Checkered Finish:

1. A yellow/checkered finish may be used once the white flag is out and a yellow flag is displayed, in either case, a yellow, or
a yellow/checkered condition, the race is over at the point the caution flag is displayed. See procedure #9 under yellow flag.
2. A yellow/checkered finish may be used if a class has exceeded a reasonable amount of time in which to complete a race.
Once the yellow/checkered is displayed, the field is frozen, do not pass and proceed safely back to the start finish line and
the finishing order is final, cars will be scored in the position they held when the yellow/checkered was displayed (except for
those involved). If that relative position could not be determined, they would be scored in the order those cars in question
crossed the finish line on their last completed lap, those involved in the caution or those cars that cannot proceed at that point
will be positioned accordingly.


1. Any contact between competitors will be determined by Race Control if any penalty will be imposed.
2. Any competitor having contact with race leader, resulting in the leader spinning and or being eliminated from competition
will be put to the back of the field. Race Control has the right to call over the radio to rescind this policy if the leader is
considered only by Race Control to be blocking, in which case the above Rule #1 under Contact will be in force.

Rough Driving:

1. Rough or reckless driving is not allowed. The Race Director shall levee penalties or fines for drivers in violation. The
second offense will require stricter penalties than first offenses. Third offenses will warrant a suspension of competition
privileges. All rough or reckless driving violations may warrant loss of participation privileges.
2. Intentional rough or reckless driving will be cause for an indefinite suspension and heavy fines.

Black Flag:

1. If the black flag is displayed, the driver must pull off the track and if the driver does not obey it, after the third lap the driver
and car will be removed from the scoring sheet.
2. Scoring will stop when the first black flag is displayed. If the yellow flag is displayed for the car to get off the track, you will
be liable for a fine/and loss of points.

Debris, Intentional Cautions and Other;

1. Debris on track: Any driver involved in moving anything onto the track or any driver deemed the cause of losing anything off
of their car, or another car, and causing a caution, will restart in the rear of the field.
2. Drivers stopping on the track to intentionally cause a yellow will be penalized one lap. Any car pulling out of line unless
directed to do so by an Official will be sent to the rear of the field.
3. Passing flag will be displayed to cars being overtaken by the leaders. Drivers are responsible to hold their line without
upsetting the leader's progress. (Use hand signals)
4. Cars not maintaining racing speed and interfering with competition will not be allowed to continue.
5. Mechanical: All cars entered in an event must begin with complete bodies. No car will be allowed to qualify or compete in
any events without a hood or drivers door. If a car has an inner sheet metal panel mounted to driver's side of roll cage that
protects the driver, the car may be allowed to compete if the driver's door is torn off and the inner panel remains intact.
6. If the hood flies up, the driver must leave the track immediately, or they will be subject to a fine and/or penalty.
7. If a tire goes flat, it is suggested the driver leave the track immediately, when safe to do so.
8. Mechanical distressed or unsafe race cars will not be allowed to enter or continue in their events.
9. All race cars must start (have a standard operational starter) under their own power and be able to move forward or
backward without assistance. Any car needing assistance in starting must start in rear of the field, except after a red flag
where assisted starts are allowed and the car may restart in its proper position. Cars excluded are cars in those classes that
do not require a starter, have a direct (in/out) transmission and are pushed to start the engine.
10. All work performed on any car must be done in the pit area. (NOT ON THE RACE TRACK).
11. Drivers cannot cut off the racing surface onto the infield grass to gain positions. A blocked track may be taken into
consideration. No racing in the infield. Any positions gained will be taken away times two (2).
12. No racing before green flag. Any positions gained will be taken away times two (2).
13. The driver is the sole spokesperson for the car and crew, and must talk to Officials when approached. When a driver is in
consultation with an Official, no other person may approach or interfere in any way.
14. Pit equipment and fuel: All Pit equipment and fuel containers that are used in the infield must be back from the k-rail at

Event timing:

All cars must have a WORKING transponder on the car any time the car is on the track. Any car without a WORKING
transponder will be black flagged and not allowed back on the track until a transponder is in place. NO TRANSPONDER, NO
SCORING. Timing per event is one minute per lap. Timing will start when the green flag waves to start the race. Timing will
stop when the checkered flag is waved to complete the race or a red flag. In the event of a red flag, timing will restart when
the green flag is waved to restart the race. Any race may be shortened due to allotted time for that event has expired, even if
the event has not reached half way. Example…A 30 lap race has 30 minutes to complete.

Scoring Protest:

Only a driver may protest a finish. The Head Scorer will talk only to the driver or a car owner about a protested finish. The
Head Scorer will only answer questions involving your car and driver. The Head Scorer is available when the race
results/finish has been posted. The Head Scorer may or may not be the posting official. If there are any questions or protest
you have twenty (20) minutes from the time the finishes/results are posted to notify scoring or an official to contact scoring.
Time of the final posting is written on the posting sheet. If scoring has been notified of a possible protest within the twenty
minute (20) time limit, the finish is unofficial, until a complete recap is performed. Only the Head Scorer can make changes to
the posted finishes. The Head Scorer will not make any changes to posted finishes until the Chief Steward/Race Director has
been notified of the changes. The results from the scoring recap will be final. If a car has been penalized it will be noted on
the final sheet. This will be noted with a WP (with penalties) next to the car number and the event they were penalized. In case
of DQ (disqualification) next to the car number in the event they were DQ, it may be noted at bottom of sheet with the car
number and event they were DQ'd. A finish is not final until it has been posted for twenty (20) minutes and has not been
protested. Then the scorers will release for payoff. The Head Scorer will be available to discuss a previous week finish to
help better understand scoring. The finish will remain final and cannot be changed or challenged. Any verbal abuse to
Scoring or an Official helping to do payout may result in a fine and/or suspension. This Includes, but is not limited to any team
member, designated non competitor collecting for a driver/car owner. If any designated person collecting payout for driver or
car owner is the cause of abuse, the payout of that competitor, will be held and the Chief Steward/Race Director will be
notified. The Chief Steward/Race Director will make the final decision on fines and/or suspensions.

Championship Point Procedures;

1. All races will count towards the track championship.
2. There are ZERO throwout races during the season.
3. Only STM licensed drivers will receive track championship points, non-STM licensed drivers will be removed from the
finish order and then championship points will be given out.
4. Qualifying points will be awarded as follows; 1st - 4 points, 2nd- 3 points, 3rd - 2 points, 4th - 1 point.
5. Heat race points will be awarded as follows; 1st - 4 points, 2nd- 3 points, 3rd - 2 points, 4th - 1 point.
6. Trophy Dash Points will be awarded as follows; 1st - 4 points, 2nd- 3 points, 3rd - 2 points, 4th - 1 point.
7.. Main event points will be awarded as follows; 1st - 50 points, 2nd - 48 points, 3rd - 46 points, 4th - 44 points, 5th - 42
points, 6th - 40 points etc, etc…. points will be paid all the way to last place dropping two points per position.
8. There are double point races, triple point races…., they are listed on the racing schedule.

Note; this point system will be used for all track championship classes, this does not include special series such as the Super
Saturdays, the Tri-Holiday Classic or the Two Track Challenge Series as they have unique point systems.


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