Herzog cleans track in late model win
By Mark Evan Smith
The Madera Tribune

Some booed him for dangerous driving at the LoanMart Madera Speedway Saturday night, while others cheered it as the work of an excellent driver who utilized all his skills for victory.

Whatever you call his moves behind the wheel, Bryan Herzog walked away with one indisputable fact in the air - his second straight victory in the hotly contested LoanMart Open Late Model Series.
Herzog's win was incredible. Buddy Shepherd, a 15-year-old driver who's won time and again in the late models, held the lead from both lap 6, and through well into the next 50 laps after a 100-lap race with 50-lap splits.

But up to lap 82, with 18 laps, Herzog began to push hard for the top spot.
Going into lap 83, 11 really put the heat on Shepherd, and looked to purposely bump the young driver around both turns 1 and 2, as well as turns 3 and 4.

He received multiple warnings from track officials for his continued hard drive.
Coming into lap 93, Herzog made yet another bump as both he and Shepherd went into turn 4, took control of the inside line, and then pushed hard into his spot on turn 1 of lap 94, where he appeared to shove Shepherd's car to the outside line and took strong control of the lead as the young driver wobbled to maintain position.

From there, the win was all Herzog, all the way.
"We haven't won in so long," Herzog said. "And to finally get two in a row, I had to keep myself in check from trying to get the win I wanted so bad."
Herzog said his spotter led him the entire way, and noted that though some may criticize his style, it was what earned him the win.

"I think I'm fair," Herzog said. "I'm a little aggressive. Did I get into (Shepherd's) car a little bit? Yeah. But was he holding me up? Yeah. I didn't turn him, I moved him, loosened him up a bit, got next to him and we drag raced it where I came out on top."

Shepherd was far less amused with Herzog's on-track antics, and noted his car -including an apparently wrecked driver door from Herzog's aggression - was left with considerable damage from the continued bumps.

"Trashy and inconsiderate," Shepherd said when asked to define Herzog's driving style. "That's not how racing is supposed to work. You're supposed to like each other, and nobody likes him in the pits, that's why he has no friends on the track."

"Flying" Ryan Hart , who took third place, was perhaps the clear winner of the night, as he maintained his points lead in the series and came out with another strong finish while battling the event's second top qualifier Garland Tyler.

"We're definitely being consistent," Hart said. "The car wasn't the best it's been all year, but we had a good run against Tyler, and (Jason) Aguirre. We have the lead, and we extended it a little bit, we'll keep our nose clean and stay out of the trouble. We should have something going really well by the end of the year."

Other winners on the night included: Josh Whitfield in a strong Open Hobby Stocks performance; John Bowersox with yet another MST's victory; Robby Czub in the Legends of the Pacific; Lance Tatro in the speedy 360 Super Modifieds; Andrew Payne in the WSRA Mini Cups; and Tim Curtis in the always-contested Toyota Sedans.

Curtis, tied with Donnie Large Jr. for the points lead in the sedans coming in to Saturday's race, made his car look like a blaze on the track.

As he took the top spot in lap 18, Curtis and his car absolutely shred every turn, and posted lap times well above other competitors - as much as two tents across each line.

Finally, Curtis finished with his fourth win in the series this year, while Jason Lawton took second place and Large Jr. wrested the third place spot.

"I feel great, absolutely great," Curtis said. "This track has really hooked the cars up, so my car is turning like no other. Everybody got faster tonight, but I got really fast I hope to be back as great as this in the next one."

Lawton joked about trying to stop Curtis, the sedans champion last year.
"Pop his tires," Lawton laughed. "That's about the only thing you can do, the guy is just amazingly fast and he's a great driver. That's the biggest thing."

Large Jr., who had issues with his car's steering and added an old tire when faced with on-track collisions, said he was happy for his team and the third place finish.

"My team never stops fighting and I never stop fighting," Large Jr. said. "That's why you see this car on the podium every race. I don't know what happened with my teammates, I just had to stay focused on what I had to do."

The LoanMart Madera Speedway will return for a fantastic July 4 schedule, with not only a huge fireworks display, but races including the Jeff Doran Grass Roots Racer Classic, Madera Late Models, Madera Hobby Stocks, and many other divisions.

For information, visit www.racemadera.com, call (559) 673-7223, or visit the Speedway's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/maderaspeedway for photos, videos, ticket giveaways, and other prizes.



LoanMart Open Late Model Series (100 laps, 50-lap split):
Bryan Herzog
Buddy Shepherd-(-1.677)
Ryan Hart-(-2.375)
Garland Tyler-(3.732)
J.R. Courage-(-3.942)
Jason Aguirre-(-4.098)
Emma Tucker-(-4.551)
Del McIntosh-(-5.056)
Carl Pearce-(-5.512)
Bryce Napier-(-5.853)
Gabe Herzog-(-52.387)
Aaron Mullins-(1 lap)
Adam Coonfield-(26 laps)
Dominic Lopez-(36 laps)
Manny Gonzalez-(48 laps)
Alexander Mead-(51 laps)
Jeff Belletto-(57 laps)
Rick Thompson-(89 laps)
Eloy Bazan-(99 laps)
Larry Pasquale

Open Hobby Stocks (50 laps, 25-lap split):
Josh Whitfield
Howard Holden-(-3.232)
Joseph Riechmuth-(-8.738)
Kyle Fortney-(-10.897)
Richard Herzog-(-14.058)
Nick Silva-(-14.597)
Verg Beatty-(-15.097)
Les Wasson-(1 lap)
Shelden Cooper-(23 laps)
Eloy Bazan-(40 laps)

Legends of the Pacific (35 laps):
Robby Czub
Logan Zampa-(-1.291)
Cody Winchel-(-8.634)
Josh Fleming-(-9.040)
Nick Grossi-(-12.061)
Bob Kuebler-(-12.425)
Brian Hill-(-12.844)
Rob "Nasty" Nascimento-(-13.031)
Jason Figura-(-14.199)
Seth Holman-(-17.171)
Tony Peffer-(1 lap)
Clayton Travels-(3 laps)
John Bowman-(3 laps)

Toyota Sedans (26 laps):
Tim Curtis
Jason Lawton-(-0.547)
Donnie Large Jr.-(-0.796)
Dean Gould-(-0.797)
Matt Doran-(-1.526)
Jillaun Holden-(-2.031)
Lucy Carmona-(-2.219)
Thomas Magray-(-3.293)
Shirley Curtis-(-3.765)
Jed Gilman-(-4.907)
Craig Nichols-(-5.196)
Brennen Mankin-(18 laps)

MST's (25 laps):
John Bowersox
Kevin Thompson-(-0.414)
Darrell Herzog-(-1.225)
Zackary Cook-(-2.250)
Rian Bowman-(-3.540)
Dave Lander-(11 laps)
Tyler Herzog-(12 laps)
Elliott Stjerne-(25 laps)
Patrick Geiger-(25 laps)

360 Super Modifieds (30 laps):
Lance Tatro
Lance Jackson-(-7.890)
AJ Russell-(1 lap)
Carl Johnson-(1 lap)

WSRA Mini Cups (20 laps):
Andrew Payne
Jarod Cronk-(-3.816)
Cameron Legue-(-8.949)
Austin Herzog-(-9.299)
Justin Scantlen-(-9.412)
Joshua Terry-(1 lap)
AJ Jahr


MST's (Heat 1, 6 laps):
John Bowersox
Dave Lander-(-1.750)
Zackary Cook-(-2.256)
Tyler Herzog-(-4.199)
Rian Bowman-(-5.175)

MST's (Heat 2, 6 laps):
Darrell Herzog
Elliott Stjerne-(-0.527)
Kevin Thompson-(-4.050)
Patrick Geiger-(-6.110)

Legends of the Pacific (Heat 1, 8 laps):
Bob Kuebler
Nick Grossi-(-0.271)
Jason Figura-(-0.510)
Tony Peffer-(-0.934)
Rob "Nasty" Nascimento-(-1.106)

Legends of the Pacific (Heat 2, 8 laps):
Robby Czub
John Bowman-(-0.489)
Brian Hill-(-1.032)
Logan Zampa-(-1.129)
Cody Winchel-(-1.215)
Josh Fleming-(-1.626)
Clayton Travels-(-1.652)

Toyota Sedans (Heat 1, 6 laps):
Tim Curtis
Brennen Mankin-(-3.346)
Jillaun Holden-(-5.069)
Lucy Carmona-(-5.394)
Jed Gilman-(-7.529)
Thomas Magray-(-10.397)

Toyota Sedans (Heat 2, 6 laps):
Jason Lawton
Donnie Large Jr.-(-1.280)
Matt Doran-(-1.908)
Dean Gould-(-3.229)
Craig Nichols-(-8.136)
Shirley Curtis-(-8.842)

360 Super Modifieds (8 laps):
Lance Tatro
AJ Russell-(-1.573)
Lance Jackson-(-9.003)
Carl Johnson-(-9.690)
Larry Hines

WSRA Mini Cups (4 laps):
Andrew Payne
Austin Herzog-(-1.200)
Cameron Legue-(-1.784)
Jarod Cronk-(-19.866)


LoanMart Open Late Model Series:
Buddy Shepherd-15.680
Bryan Herzog-15.839
Garland Tyler-15.870
Ryan Hart-15.902
Bryce Napier-16.025
Jason Aguirre-16.043
Adam Coonfield-16.100
J.R. Courage-16.175
Jeff Belletto-16.223
Carl Pearce-16.256
Emma Tucker-16.260
Rick Thompson-16.269
Alexander Mead-16.3334
Del McIntosh-16.387
Gabe Herzog-16.453
Aaron Mullins-16.686
Manny Gonzalez-17.222
Dominic Lopez-17.371

Open Hobby Stocks:
Howard Holden-16.385
Joseph Riechmuth-16.536
Verg Beatty-16.653
Josh Whitfield-16.658
Richard Herzog-16.856
Nick Silva-16.869
Shelden Cooper-16.911
Kyle Fortney-17.052
Les Wasson-17.854
Eloy Bazan-18.166

John Bowersox-17.339
Darrell Herzog-17.430
Tyler Herzog-17.446
Elliott Stjerne-17.582
Dave Lander-17.659
Kevin Thompson-17.772
Rian Bowman-18.108
Patrick Geiger-18.137
Zackary Cook-18.147

Legends of the Pacific:
Robby Czub-16.436
Cody Winchel-16.675
Logan Zampa-16.677
Clayton Travels-16.875
Brian Hill-16.904
Josh Fleming-16.943
John Bowman-17.022
Rob "Nasty" Nascimento-17.024
Nick Grossi-17.100
Bob Kuebler-17.130
Jason Figura-17.189
Seth Holman-17.664
Tony Peffer-18.075

Toyota Sedans:
Tim Curtis-17.591
Donnie Large Jr.-17.899
Brennen Mankin-17.943
Jason Lawton-18.070
Jillaun Holden-18.106
Matt Doran-18.237
Lucy Carmona-18.529
Dean Gould-18.615
Jed Gilman-18.875
Craig Nichols-19.112
Thomas Magray-19.257
Shirley Curtis-19.850

360 Super Modifieds:
Lance Tatro-14.399
Lance Jackson-14.416
AJ Russell-14.726
Carl Johnson-15.508
Larry Hines-15.897

WSRA Mini Cups:
Andrew Payne-18.050
Cameron Legue-18.349
Austin Herzog-18.510
Jarod Cronk-18.569
AJ Jahr-19.002
Joshua Terry-19.936
Justin Scantlen-20.181

Fans treated to good vibrations at the LoanMart Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez The Madera Tribune

Although there were seven main event drivers who took home first-place trophies in the 5th annual Summer Horsepower Nationals presented by Protect the Harvest and Hoosier Tire, it could be argued that the big winners on the night were the devoted racing fans at the LoanMart Madera Speedway.

The jam-packed crowd not only got to see a number of intriguing and tactical racing at its finest on Saturday (June 6) night, they also got to feel the power from the different sprint cars as their giant rumblings on the "Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West" sent mini-shockwaves throughout the venue's grandstands.

In what was labeled as one of the biggest races of the 2015 season, all the divisions including the Lucas Oil Modifieds, The Pacific Region King of the Wing Sprint Series, Northern Modified Tour, BCRA Midgets, NCMA Sprints, and USAC HPD Midgets didn't disappoint in their respective mains.

Keeping firm control of the sprint car while also not deviating from a strategic game-plan was certainly a challenge all of the drivers faced on the night.

Accomplishing that feat wasn't as easy as the skilled drivers such as Kyle Vanderpool -who capped the extravagant evening with a win in the Winged Sprints race - made it look.

"It (driving sprint cars) is just insane," said Vanderpool, who also won the Wing Sprints heat race earlier in the day. "It's like a jet. I mean you're driving in so hard, then you're letting off and then you're back in it again. The g-forces are pretty good and it's a lot of fun."

Joining Vanderpool on the list of drivers who were able to maintain their leads while displaying masterful command of their fast-breaking cars included Scott Winters (Lucas Oil Modifieds), Blake Rogers (Lucas Oil Modifieds B-Main), Chad Nichols (BCRA Midgets), Tripp Gaylord (NorthState Modifieds), Audra Sasseli (NCMA Sprints), and Dylan Nobile (USAC HPD Midgets).

While the souped-up sprint cars rocked on the track, the fans were also treated to bonus laps by vintage race cars including Super Modifieds and BCRA Midgets.

In the Lucas Oil Modifieds main, it was a race that drivers in the filmed touring class couldn't afford to let off the pedal - even for a second.

Winters, who truly earned his 75-lap main win, knew a slip-up on any lap would be costly with Arizona's Dylan Cappello, El Cajon's Taylor Miinch, New Mexico's Jason Irwin, El Cajon's Austin Barnes, Yucaipa's Jim Mardis, Idaho's Shelby Stroebel and Colton's Lenny White all trying to fetch the lead.

Although he had the division's fast time of 15.032, Winters, of Tracy, was in the fourth spot early on in the 26-car race while Cappello held the lead overall.

After a caution on Lap 11, Winters got into third but still trailed Cappello and Irwin, who was in second.

From Laps 11-24, the first seven cars including Cappello's No. 11, Irwin's No. 9x, Winters' No. 24, White's No. 99, Mardis' No. 51, Barnes' No. 51A, and San Diego's Doug Carpenter's No. 3 all kept up together and held a four-second lead over the rest of the field.

However a spinout negated the advantage and grouped all the cars back together for a restart.

Winters wisely used the next two cautions to move up two slots as he got into second on the Lap 25 restart and after Lap 33, he became the full-fledged leader while Cappello dropped into second.

Despite four yellow flags slowing down the flow of the remaining half of the race, Winters continued to sustain his lead while Cappello was right there with him.

With 20 laps to go, Miinch got back into the mix and passed Irwin to get into third with Winters and Cappello settled into the top two spots.

For the final 10 laps, it would finish out with Winters, Cappello, Miinch, Irwin and Barnes all crossing the finish line in that order.

In the 35-lap B Main, Rogers was a winner while Jerry Toporek, Dustin Tilbury, Sal Lopes and Brain Collins rounded out the top five.


Although he was the clear-cut winner of the class, Vanderpool ran into a little resistance in the beginning of the 30-lap race with Mike Murgoitio, Eric Humphries and Cody Gerhardt sticking around.

"There was a little bit of a battle but I was patient," said Vanderpool, who eventually built a wide lead as the race progressed. "The car was on a rail so I just waited for them to make a mistake - just basically hunting and stalking them. It takes me a couple of laps to get in my groove and once I'm in it, I start hitting my marks."

Vanderpool began to pull away before Gerhardt - an eight-lap heat race winner and the division's fastest qualifier (13.142) - spun out with 15 laps to go.

Despite two restarts, Vanderpool's lead wasn't jeopardized as the Madera native earned another hometown track victory.

"It feels really good," Vanderpool said about his newest trip to the winner's circle. "I've done it in the Super Modifieds quite a few times but this is my first sprint car win, so I'm pretty excited and it turned out to be a good night for us. A big thanks to everybody that helped out including my crew, my sponsors and the Madera Speedway for putting on this show."

While Vanderpool celebrated the win, Murgoitio took second and Humphries placed third.

Making their season debut at the Madera Speedway, the NorthState Modifieds put on a race that saw the lead change hands four times.

By the end of the bewildering main, Tripp Gaylord was the last driver to hold the lead and the first to complete the 60 laps.

On two occasions, Gaylord went from being in second place to taking the top coveted spot.

To take his first lead of the 18-car race, he had to wait 20 laps as six-lap trophy dash winner Bryan Denton (car No. 15) was in the front.

Denton was doing everything in his power to hold off Gaylord, who posted the division's best qualifying time of 15.098 and eventually made the lead-grabbing pass on Lap 21.

For the next 22 laps, Gaylord was pacing the pack with Darrin Knight now in second and Rick Anderson in third.

On a Lap 44 restart, Knight snatched up the lead and stayed in front of Gaylord for seven laps before spinouts on Lap 50 and 52 prompted cautions.

Those regroups were exactly what Gaylord needed as he took back the No. 1 spot and held it on both restarts.

Tripp stayed the course on the way to victory lane while Knight was runner-up and Anderson held off a late charge by Nick Lyons to finish in the top three.

The comeback of the night went to BCRA Midgets driver Chad Nichols, who started the main in the seventh spot and used every one of the 30 laps to move towards the front in his No. 17 car.

It wasn't an easy task for Nichols, who was running against the likes of Cody Gerhardt - the top qualifier (14.590) - along with eight-lap heat race winners Tanner Swanson and Jimmy Screeton.

While Nichols began to work his way up to the top, Michael Snider (car No. 6) appeared to have the race all but wrapped up.

He led for 28 out of the 30 laps while Nichols was passing drivers little by little.

Snider started the race in first ahead of Mark Maliepaard, Nick Chivello, Swanson, Frankie Guerrini, Lauren Snider and Nichols.

After 20 laps, Nichols was suddenly tied in third with Chivello while also setting his sights on Maliepaard's spot.

Nichols pulled away from Chivello and swung into second ahead of Maliepaard.

With four laps remaining, Snider was desperately trying to hang on to the lead before Nichols gracefully cut in front of him after Turn 1 on Lap 29.

Nichols ended up taking the checkered flag to complete the comeback victory while Snider came in second and Swanson placed third.

Maliepaard and Chivello finished in the top five on the leaderboard.

In the non-stop 30-lap NCMA Sprints race, Audra Sasseli couldn't be caught in her No. 77 car as she led from the first lap on.

To set the tone, Sasseli came into the main holding the division's fast qualifying time of 14.617 and didn't waste time establishing herself in the front.

Throughout the main, she lapped two cars and stayed ahead of No. 2-5 placers Eric Humphries, J.R. Brown, Justin Kawahata, and Jerry Kobza - the eight-lap heat race winner.

After warming up their tires, the USAC HPD Midgets got the evening's mains started on the right road.

In the No. 40 car, Dylan Nobile followed his eight-lap heat race win with a 30-lap victory in the main.

Although he didn't lead in the first 10 laps, Nobile stayed within striking distance of Tom Patterson, who was the head of the pack.

With Patterson running on the outside, Nobile made the biggest move of the race from his inside position and smoothly passed on Turn 3 of Lap 11 to become the leader.

Nobile also found himself in front of the top qualifier (15.098) Toni Breidingar, who was in second, before the first caution of the race occurred.

Breidingar's night ended on Lap 20 while Nobile upheld the lead for the final 10 laps with Patterson in second and Annie Breidingar closing out in third.

The Madera Speedway will go dark next week but will return on Saturday (June 20) for Race No. 4 of the $1,000 to win LoanMart Open Late Models Series (split 50's), Race No. 4 of the $500 to win Super Hobby Stock Series (split 30's), 360 Super Modifieds, Toyota Sedans, Legends of the Pacific, MSTs, Mini Cup, and 4-Bangers.



Lucas Oil Modifieds - 75 Laps
1. Scott Winters
2. Dylan Cappello
3. Taylor Miinch
4. Jason Irwin
5. Austin Barnes
6. Jim Mardis
7. Shelby Stroebel
8. Lenny White
9. Matthew Hicks
10. Kyle Tellstrom
11. Doug Hamm
12. Dave Arce
13. Chris Cook
14. Nathan Smith
15. Doug Carpenter
16. Eddie Secord
17. Blake Rogers
18. P.J. Pedrocelli
19. Scott Alves
20. Larry Gerchman
21. Eric Hamilton
22. Eric Rhead
23. Keegan Walmer
24. Jack Madrid
25. Jason Patison
26. Rich Lindgren

Lucas Oil Modifieds (B Main) - 35 Laps
1. Blake Rogers
2. Jerry Toporek
3. Dustin Tilbury
4. Sal Lopes
5. Brian Collins
6. William Guevara
7. Eric Hamilton
8. Scott Alves
9. Nathan Smith
10. P.J. Pedrocelli
11. William Camara
12. Pat Petrie

NorthState Modifieds - 60 Laps
1. Tripp Gaylord
2. Darrin Knight
3. Rick Anderson
4. Nick Lyons
5. Bryan Denton
6. Bobby Hirschbock
7. Richie Potts
8. Cody Braund
9. Michael Morrison Jr.
10. Jason Philpot
11. Mike Regelman
12. Brian Collins
13. Michael Mitchell
14. Guy Young
15. Kelsie Martin
16. Ty Carlson
17. Randy Houston
18. Keegan Walmer

Winged Sprints - 30 Laps
1. Kyle Vanderpool
2. Mike Murgoitio
3. Eric Humphries
4. Anthony Simone
5. Cody Gerhardt
6. Dillon Hutchson
7. Marvin Mitchell
8. Bob Beck
9. Tom Baker
10. Davey Pombo
11. Anthony Pombo

BCRA Midgets - 30 Laps
1. Chad Nichols
2. Michael Snider
3. Tanner Swanson
4. Mark Maliepaard
5. Nick Chivello
6. Cody Gerhardt
7. Jimmy Screeton
8. Frankie Guerrini
9. Floyd Alvis
10. Gary Conterno
11. JR Williams
12. Alan Beck
13. Nick Foster

NCMA Sprints - 30 Laps
1. Audra Sasseli
2. Eric Humphries
3. J.R. Brown
4. Justin Kawahata
5. Jerry Kobza
6. Denny Burell
7. Jeff Burrows

USAC HPD Midgets - 30 Laps
1. Dylan Nobile
2. Tom Patterson
3. Annie Breidingar
4. Ashley Hazelton
5. Ethan Lesser
6. Jesse Love IV
7. Toni Breidingar
8. Cody Jessop

Heat Races

Winged Sprints (Heat 1) - 8 Laps
1. Cody Gerhardt
2. Eric Humphries
3. Anthony Simone
4. Marvin Mitchell
5. Bob Beck
6. Tom Baker

Winged Sprints (Heat 2) - 8 Laps
1. Kyle Vanderpool
2. Mike Murgoitio
3. Dillon Hutchson
4. Davey Pombo
5. Anthony Pombo

BCRA Midgets (Heat 1) - 8 Laps
1. Jimmy Screeton
2. Mark Maliepaard
3. Cody Gerhardt
4. Lauren Snider
5. Floyd Alvis
6. Chad Nichols
7. Alan Beck

BCRA Midgets (Heat 2) - 8 Laps
1. Tanner Swanson
2. Frankie Guerrini
3. Michael Snider
4. Gary Conterno
5. Nick Chivello
6. JR Williams

NCMA Sprints (Heat 1) - 8 Laps
1. Jerry Kobza
2. J.R. Brown
3. Audra Sasseli
4. Eric Humphries
5. Justin Kawahata
6. Denny Burell
7. Jeff Burrows

USAC HPD Midgets - 8 Laps
1. Dylan Nobile
2. Toni Breidingar
3. Cody Jessop
4. Tom Patterson
5. Annie Breidingar
6. Ethan Lesser
7. Jesse Love IV
8. Ashley Hazelton

Trophy Dash

NorthState Modifieds - 6 Laps
1. Bryan Denton
2. Michael Mitchell
3. Mike Regelman
4. Randy Houston
5. Darrin Knight
6. Jason Philpot

Qualifying - 2 Laps

Lucas Oil Modifieds
1. Scott Winters 15.032
2. Austin Barnes 15.099
3. Kyle Tellstrom 15.131
4. Lenny White 15.145
5. Dylan Cappello 15.154
6. Jason Irwin 15.167
7. Jim Mardis 15.172
8. Jack Madrid 15.220
9. Travis Irving 15.240
10. Eddie Secord 15.241
11. Shelby Stroebel 15.246
12. Keegan Walmer 15.264
13. Rich Lindgren 15.273
14. Matthew Hicks 15.281
15. Dave Arce 15.283
16. Taylor Miinch 15.358
17. Eric Rhead 15.379
18. Doug Hamm 15.429
19. Scott Alves 15.448
20. Eric Hamilton 15.460
21. Nathan Smith 15.462
22. Blake Rogers 15.475
23. Jason Patison 15.543
24. William Guevara 15.579
25. Pat Petrie 15.593
26. Chris Cook 15.629
27. P.J. Pedrocelli 15.640
28. Larry Gerchman 15.670
29. Dustin Tilbury 15.719
30. Doug Carpenter 15.785
31. Sal Lopes 15.963
32. Brian Collines 15.985
33. Jerry Toporek 15.993
34. William Camara 16.172

NorthState Modifieds
1. Tripp Gaylord 15.098
2. Jason Philpot 15.118
3. Michael Mitchell 15.163
4. Darrin Knight 15.229
5. Bryan Denton 15.230
6. Mike Regelman 15.246
7. Randy Houston 15.265
8. Rick Anderson 15.275
9. Cody Braund 15.324
10. Richie Potts 15.357
11. Nick Lyons 15.367
12. Michael Morrison Jr. 15.380
13. Guy Young 15.413
14. Ty Carlson 15.417
15. Keegan Walmer 15.426
16. Brian Collins 15.440
17. Bobby Hirschbock 15.583
18. Kelsie Martin 16.146

Winged Sprints
1. Cody Gerhardt 13.142
2. Kyle Vanderpool 13.276
3. Eric Humphries 13.286
4. Mike Murgoitio 13.428
5. Anthony Simone 13.933
6. Davey Pombo 14.334
7. Tom Baker 14.925
8. Anthony Pombo 15.198
9. Bob Beck 16.031
10. Dillon Hutchson 20.616
11. Marvin Mitchell

BCRA Midgets
1. Cody Gerhardt 14.590
2. Frankie Guerrini 14.595
3. Mark Maliepaard 14.619
4. Nick Chivello 14.701
5. Jimmy Screeton 14.706
6. Michael Snider 14.709
7. Chad Nichols 14.742
8. Tanner Swanson 14.746
9. Lauren Snider 15.262
10. Gary Conterno 15.676
11. Floyd Alvis 15.783
12. JR Williams 16.028
13. Alan Beck 16.090

NCMA Sprints
1. Audra Sasseli 14.617
2. Eric Humphries 14.867
3. J.R. Brown 14.892
4. Justin Kawahata 15.405
5. Jerry Kobza 15.626
6. Jeff Burrows 15.870

USAC HPD Midgets
1. Toni Breidingar 15.098
2. Dylan Nobile 15.227
3. Cody Jessop 15.261
4. Annie Breidingar 15.387
5. Tom Patterson 15.463
6. Ethan Lesser 15.746
7. Jesse Love IV 16.327
8. Ashley Hazelton 16.360

Drivers battle for victories on Military Tribute Night at the LoanMart Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez The Madera Tribune

After two weeks off, the LoanMart Madera Speedway returned with a big bang as red, white and blue flags shared the track's center stage with the checkered ones on Military Tribute Night presented by 51FIFTY Energy Drink.

On a day when any military personnel was invited to attend the special event - on the house, all the drivers from each racing divisions did their best to impress the special guest servicemen in the grandstands as well as all of the Speedway faithful.

Everyone competing in the LoanMart Late Model Open Series, Twisted Tea Open Modified Series, Open Hobby Stocks Series, Legends of the Pacific, Toyota Sedans, MST'S and the WSRA Mini Cups did the commemorative show justice on Saturday night (May 30) with a sensational display of pure pass-at-your-own-risk racing.

Bryan Herzog, one of seven main event victors on the night, certainly came out extra motivated for his latest race in the LoanMart Late Model Open Series.

Herzog, proudly displaying the American Flag from his No. 11 car, participated in the opening ceremonies that honored America's armed forces as Madera veterans posted the colors prior to the main event.

"It really did get me ready mentally," said Herzog, who was in one of the 22 Late Model cars that filled the track while waving Old Glory in a pre-race observance. "It meant a lot to me to know that men and women go out there and put their lives on the line without a question in their mind, heart and soul, so that we can come here on a Saturday night and just drive around in circles in a race car."

Following a touching rendition of the National Anthem and a 21-gun salute, drivers went to work and settled their scores on the "Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West" as Nathan Smith (Twisted Tea Modifieds), Josh Whitfield (Open Hobby Stocks), Robby Czub (Legends of the Pacific), Brennen Mankin (Toyota Sedans), Kevin Thompson (MST'S), Andrew Payne (WSRS Mini Cup), and Herzog all came out as winners in their respective dramatic races.

"To be able to put on an opening ceremony for the military people by showing them our respect, thanks and gratitude and then put on a show like that for them is special," Herzog said of the taped MAVTV race which will be broadcasted in June at a later date.


In the most combative main of the night, it was Herzog who followed direct orders to survive the 100-lap (split 50's) race.

"Honestly, what I had to do to stay in the lead was listen to my spotter on the radio because I'll over drive the car in a heartbeat," said Herzog, who posted the top qualifying time of 16.145 and led from the first lap on. "He just talked to me every single lap and was in my ear telling me to relax, drive it easy and not over drive the car. With 10 laps to go, he told me I could do whatever I wanted and I was gone."

While Herzog was in the lead for the entire race, there was plenty of action behind him with drivers like Adam Coonfield, Jason Aguirre, Alexander Mead, Garland Tyler, Trevor Huddleston, Ryan Hart, Del McIntosh, Trevor Schlundt, Tony Schmitz, J.R. Courage and Lacie Price all trying to move up positions through the first portion of the main in nearly 100-degree weather.

As each lap passed, cars that were earlier contenders began to slip to the back or make unwanted trips to the infield - costing them precious time while trying to get back onto the asphalt.

"It was a pretty wild race," said Aguirre, who took second overall. "Everybody was fighting for that inside line and without that inside line, you were just going to get shuffled back and I did a couple of times. To get back to the bottom and wait for the next restart was what it was all about."

After the first 50 laps which had as many as five cautions, Tyler was in second followed by Aguirre, Hart, and Courage going into the much-needed break.

"We made very few adjustments but we just waited for the weather to come in," said Aguirre. "The cooler the air, the better the track got. It wasn't a matter of chasing the car, it was a matter of predicting the weather. After the first 50 laps, we went ahead and loosened up the car a little bit because I thought the track was going to get a little more grip. The big thing here today, not just for me but for everyone, was chasing the weather."

With the second half of the race resuming, Herzog continued to lead the charge with Tyler, Aguirre, Courage and Hart trailing in the top five.

Despite having to deal with a couple of restarts, Herzog continued to maintain his lead while the rest of the field slugged it out for valuable spots on the track.

"My eyes were glued on the car in front of me and mainly on the leader," said Hart, who finished in a respectable third place. "There were a couple of times when I was sitting in second and I was looking at Herzog's car. I was picking out little markers on the track and I could tell every lap we were catching him a bit. Then those restarts that hung us out on the outside kind of changed things a little bit."

Even at times when chaos ensued on the track from heavily sparking cars to a number of single and chain reaction spinouts, Hart continued to keep his car out of harm's way.

"It's definitely good to keep it in one piece," said Hart. "When we get those caution laps and I go by and look in the infield and see half a dozen of cars there and I say, 'oh thank God that's not mine' because I have dollar signs going through my mind of course."

While Herzog was still in first place, Aguirre and Hart didn't back off and continued to pressure the leader.

"It's always fun to battle for the win whether you come in first or second," said Aguirre. "It's all about coming to these races and going for the win."

After getting clearance from his spotter, Herzog began to pull away to get the wire-to-wire win which was followed by a victory donut.

"I've got several family members who are armed service members and my crew chief was too, so it means a lot to our whole team to win any race but this one was a little extra special," said Herzog while donning an Air Force cap in victory lane. "It's nice to know that somebody somewhere is staying up late at night and doing what they have to in order to protect us here so that we can do this crazy little circle drive."

Although he was looking for a win, Hart was thrilled about the dynamic race.

"Up until those last five laps, it was anybody's ballgame," he said. "Between Aguirre, Tyler, myself, Courage and Herzog, I think we all put on a good show for the fans. We came in with high expectations because we had an excellent finish the last time we raced but I'm still happy with a podium finish. It was a fun night."

Rounding out the official top five included Courage, in fourth, and Price.



In the other big event, Smith did his best imitation of Herzog and never trailed in the 60-lap Twisted Tea Open Modified Series.

In order to stay ahead of the 17-car field, Smith showed marvelous control of his car while several others couldn't quite keep a handle on theirs as four yellows were waved in the beginning part of the split 30-lap race.

Although he had a lead on the division's fast time qualifier Dylan Cappello (16.109), Smith had trouble getting away from him along with fellow competitors Aaron Coonfield, Robbie Knittel, and Blaine Perkins.

Despite not being able to loose the rest of the drivers, Smith held the lead heading into the pits while Coonfield, Cappello, Knittel and Perkins followed in that order.

Once the Twisted Tea Modifieds returned to action, Smith duplicated what he did in his first 25 laps while Wes Miller joined the group of racers that tried to challenge the lead position.

After a restart, Miller passed Perkins to get into second while there was plenty of exposed tire bumping going on in the front of the race.

With 12 laps remaining, Knittel made his way past Miller and eyed Smith's spot in first.

As three cars were spinning out on the final lap, Smith had just enough to hold off Knittel by 0.100 of a second to win the race.

Behind Knittel was Terry Deal (third), TY Carlson (fourth) and Rick Anderson (fifth).


Although he didn't lead for all 50 laps, Josh Whitfield came pretty close in the Open Hobby Stocks race.

Once he passed Richard Herzog, Whitfield didn't surrender his position and won the split 25-lap main.

While Whitfield was lapping cars, Herzog was in second with Nick Silva, Joseph Riechmuth, and Howard Holden all dueling for the top-three spot on the leaderboard.

Getting back in motion, Whitfield re-established himself as the leader to start the second half of the race while Holden made his to the No. 2 spot and held it for the final 25 laps.

After Whitfield crossed the finish line in first place and Holden, who posted the division's fast time of 16.907, followed behind in second, Riechmuth was third driver to come in.

Herzog, who placed fourth, and Kyle Fortney were also the top-five finishers for the class.


After setting the divisions No. 1 qualifying time of 16.985, Czub went out and earned a 35-lap victory in the Legends of the Pacific race.

It took Czub awhile to get warmed up as a number cars began ahead of him including early leader Cody Barba, who was eventually passed by Cameron Austin.

Austin, a six-lap heat race winner, stayed ahead of Barba and Clayton Travels while a spinout on Lap 14 forced a restart.

That was the key break that Czub needed as he took the lead for good and withstood three more cautions including one near the end of the race.

Czub used a big jumpstart and pulled ahead to secure the win while Cody Winchel worked his way up to second and Austin finished third.


Like Czub, Mankin needed some time to get nestled into the front of the 10-car race.

Through the first 13 laps, it was Matt Doran that held the lead ahead of Donnie Large Jr., Mankin, and defending track champion Tim Curtis, who was fresh off a six-lap heat race win after locking in the fast time of 18.190 during the qualifying session.

After the second yellow of the race, Mankin took full advantage of the restart and ended up passing Doran.

With Mankin in the lead, Curtis flew around on the outside, kept his car balanced and passed Large to get into second on Lap 21 while Doran dropped to fifth.

Mankin, who also won a six-lap heat race winner earlier in the day, produced a first-place trophy while Curtis collected a second-place one. Large finished third while Jillaun Holden overcame an early spinout to take fourth. Doran rounded out the top five.


A couple of cautions didn't deter Thompson from experiencing yet another one of his many Madera Speedway victories.

In the 11-car, 20-lap main, Thompson narrowly edged out John McCollum Jr. in a classic battle-to-the-final lap finish.

McCollum Jr., who won a six-lap heat race and had the top qualifying mark of 17.635, stayed in second for most of the main and gave Thompson a run for his money.

Despite spinouts and crashes on Laps 2, 9, and 14, Thompson kept his composure in the lead while McCollum, Tyler Herzog, Elliot Stjerne and Dave Lander pursued his spot.

When the cars of John Bowersox and six-lap heat race winner Darrell Herzog got into each other on Lap 14, Thompson continued to stay ahead on the restarts while McCollum made one last ditch effort to get the comeback win.

However on the last lap, Thompson wouldn't be denied and pushed through as he was 0.200 of a second faster than McCollum Jr. in the end.

Coming in third behind McCollum Jr., was Herzog while Stjerne was fourth and Lander finished fifth.


It was Andrew Payne who gained plenty of hardware in the WSRA Mini Cup division.

After qualifying first out 11 cars with a time of 19.047, Payne was a four-lap trophy dash winner before running in the main.

Runner-up Cameron Legue couldn't catch Payne in the 20-lap race.

Justin Scantlen also made a trip to the winner's circle with a third place finish.

The Madera Speedway is back on Saturday (June 6th) for the Summertime Horsepower Nationals presented by Protect the Harvest & Hoosier Tires! Lucas Oil Modifieds in the Protect the Harvest 75 TV SHOW, Northern Modified Tour, Round No. 3 of The Pacific Region King of the Wing Sprint Series , BCRA Midgets, NCMA Sprints, Vintage BCRA Midgets, USAC HPD Midgets, Vintage Super Modifieds.



LoanMart Late Model Open - 100 Laps
1. Bryan Herzog
2. Jason Aguirre
3. Ryan Hart
4. J.R. Courage
5. Lacie Price
6. Del McIntosh
7. Rick Thompson
8. Aaron Mullins
9. Alexander Mead
10. Trevor Huddleston
11. Loren Kutz
12. Emma Tucker
13. Carl Pearce
14. Garland Tyler
15. Dominic Lopez
16. Trevor Schlundt
17. Bryce Napier
18. Gabe Herzog
19. Adam Coonfield
20. Tony Schmitz
21. Mark Blanton
22. Larry Pasquale

Twisted Tea Open Modified Series - 60 Laps 1. Nathan Smith 2. Robbie Knittel 3. Terry Deal 4. TY Carlson 5. Rick Anderson 6. Dave Campbell 7. Wes Miller 8. Blaine Perkins 9. Scott Alves 10. Sammy Salari 11. Kris Price 12. Aaron Coonfield 13. Dylan Cappello 14. Rick Avalia 15. Eddie Wilcox 16. Nick Lyons 17. Brock Monroe

Open Hobby Stocks - 50 Laps
1. Josh Whitfield
2. Howard Holden
3. Joseph Riechmuth
4. Richard Herzog
5. Kyle Fortney
6. Shelden Cooper
7. Les Wasson
8. Chuck Aguirre
9. Bob Tilley
10. Nick Silva
11. Verg Beatty

Legends of the Pacific - 35 Laps
1. Robby Czub
2. Cody Winchel
3. Cameron Austin
4. Cody Barba
5. Pete Pierce
6. Josh Fleming
7. Jason Figura
8. Bob Kuebler
9. Nick Grossi
10. Brian Malin
11. John Bowman
12. Anthony Collins
13. Clayton Travels
14. Logan Zampa

Toyota Sedans - 25 Laps
1. Brennen Mankin
2. Tim Curtis
3. Donnie Large Jr.
4. Jillaun Holden
5. Matt Doran
6. Lucy Carmona
7. Thomas Magray
8. Shirley Curtis
9. Dayne Eddings
10. Jason Lawton

MST'S - 20 Laps
1. Kevin Thompson
2. John McCollum Jr.
3. Tyler Herzog
4. Elliot Stjerne
5. Dave Lander
6. Zackary Cook
7. John Bowersox
8. Darrell Herzog
9. Patrick Geiger
10. Bert Stephens
11. Jed Gilman

WSRA Mini Cups - 20 Laps
1. Andrew Payne
2. Cameron Legue
3. Justin Scantlen
4. Austin Herzog
5. Jared Cronk
6. AJ Jahr
7. Sammy Nuno
8. Joshua Terry


Legends of the Pacific (Heat 1) - 8 Laps 1. Bob Kuebler 2. Clayton Travels 3. Nick Grossi 4. John Bowman 5. Cody Barba 6. Jason Figura

Legends of the Pacific (Heat 2) - 8 Laps 1. Cameron Austin 2. Cody Winchel 3. Pete Pierce 4. Logan Zampa 5. Robby Czub 6. Brian Malin 7. Josh Fleming 8. Anthony Collins

Toyota Sedans (Heat 1) - 6 Laps
1. Tim Curtis
2. Jillaun Holden
3. Jason Lawton
4. Lucy Carmona
5. Shirley Curtis

Toyota Sedans (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. Brennen Mankin
2. Donnie Large Jr.
3. Matt Doran
4. Thomas Magray
5. Dayne Eddings

MST (Heat 1) - 6 Laps
1. John McCollum Jr.
2. Elliot Stjerne
3. John Bowersox
4. Kevin Thompson
5. Patrick Geiger
6. Zackary Cook

MST (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. Darrell Herzog
2. Tyler Herzog
3. Bert Stephens
4. Dave Lander
5. Jed Gilman


WSRA Mini Cups - 4 Laps
1. Andrew Payne
2. Cameron Legue
3. Austin Herzog
4. Joshua Strandwold


LoanMart Late Model Open
1. Bryan Herzog 16.145
2. Garland Tyler 16.185
3. Jason Aguirre 16.506
4. Lacie Price 16.533
5. Adam Coonfield 16.570
6. Trevor Huddleston 16.691
7. Bryce Napier 16.707
8. Del McIntosh 16.782
9. Alexander Mead 16.871
10. Tony Schmitz 16.882
11. Carl Pearce 16.884
12. Ryan Hart 16.887
13. Rick Thompson 16.921
14. Trevor Schlundt 16.933
15. Emma Tucker 16.951
16. Aaron Mullins 17.040
17. Gabe Herzog 17.040
18. Dominic Lopez 17.159
19. J.R. Courage 17.164
20. Loren Kutz 17.367
21. Mark Blanton 17.488
22. Larry Pasquale 17.490

Twisted Tea Open Modified Series
1. Dylan Cappello 16.109
2. Wes Miller 16.186
3. Aaron Coonfield 16.187
4. Eddie Wilcox 16.280
5. Blaine Perkins 16.327
6. Brock Monroe 16.403
7. Nathan Smith 16.444
8. Kris Price 16.516
9. TY Carlson 16.541
10. Robbie Knittel 16.641
11. Sammy Salari 16.654
12. Nick Lyons 16.677
13. Rick Anderson 16.778
14. Terry Deal 16.846
15. Scott Alves 16.883
16. Dave Campbell 16.893
17. Rick Avalia 17.926

Open Hobby Stocks
1. Howard Holden 16.907
2. Josh Whitfield 17.056
3. Richard Herzog 17.235
4. Shelden Cooper 17.494
5. Nick Silva 17.562
6. Joseph Riechmuth 17.617
7. Kyle Fortney 17.655
8. Verg Beatty 17.985
9. Les Wasson 18.371
10. Chuck Aguirre 18.765
11. Bob Tilley 19.435

Legends of the Pacific
1. Robby Czub 16.985
2. Logan Zampa 17.074
3. Cody Winchel 17.099
4. Josh Fleming 17.243
5. Cameron Austin 17.256
6. Brian Malin 17.343
7. Pete Pierce 17.405
8. Nick Grossi 17.465
9. Clayton Travels 17.478
10. Bob Kuebler 17.695
11. Cody Barba 17.719
12. John Bowman 17.980
13. Jason Figura 17.999
14. Ian Elliot 18.031

Toyota Sedans
1. Tim Curtis 18.190
2. Brennen Mankin 18.334
3. Jason Lawton 18.356
4. Donnie Large Jr. 18.373
5. Jillaun Holden 18.491
6. Matt Doran 18.749
7. Lucy Carmona 18.865
8. Thomas Magray 19.344
9. Shirley Curtis 19.569

1. John McCollum Jr. 17.635
2. Darrell Herzog 17.784
3. Kevin Thompson 17.934
4. Tyler Herzog 17.976
5. Elliot Stjerne 18.003
6. Dave Lander 18.062
7. John Bowersox 18.111
8. Bert Stephens 18.283
9. Zackary Cook 18.726
10. Jed Gilman 19.382
11. Patrick Geiger 19.556

WSRA Mini Cups
1. Andrew Payne 19.047
2. Cameron Legue 19.309
3. Austin Herzog 19.494
4. Joshua Strandwold 19.504
5. Justin Scantlen 19.796
6. Jared Cronk 19.896
7. Sammy Nuno 19.916
8. Mya Gilmore 20.032
9. Matt Strandwold 20.324
10. AJ Jahr 21.078
11. Joshua Terry 22.256