32 drivers from all over the country are on the pre-entry list for the BIG WINGED SPRINT CAR RACE for this Friday night at Madera!

Here is the driver entry list for the National King of the Wing Sprint car series race to be held at LoanMart Madera Speedway this Friday night November 20th. Heat races are at 7pm, main events start at 8:30pm.

Driver Car# Hometown
Aaron Pierce 26 Fishers, IN
Sierra Jackson 25 Meridian, ID
Davey Hamilton Jr 45 Boise, ID
Robert Stout 23 Palms Spring, CA
Bobby Santos 22 Franklin, MA
Ron Larson 22 Quesel, BC
Richie Larson 12 Prince George, BC
Bryan Warf 91 Meridian, ID
T.J. Thorne 65 Herriman, UT
Cody Gerhardt 40 Madera, CA
Robert Beck 3 Monroe, WA
Ken Hamilton 98 Boise, ID
Kevin Feeny 61 Oxford, MI
David Byrne 40 Shullsburg, WI
Jojo Helberg 7 Rohnert Park, CA
Troy DeCaire 91 Tampa, FL
Jacob Wilson 07 Crawfordsville, IN
Jimmy Hamilton 9 Boise, ID
Tom Baker 3T Carmichael, CA
Dylan Hutchinson 8 Sacramento, CA
Kyle Vanderpool 51 Fresno, CA
Anthony Simone 10 Fresno, CA
AJ Russell 56 Fresno, CA
Bob Beck 46 Carson City, NV
Eric Humpries 3F Chowchilla, CA
Tim Skogland 45s Clovis, CA
Mike Stevens 33 Tuscan, AZ
Tim Barber 3F Napa, CA
Matt Mansell 14 Metchosin, BC
Bobby Dalton 9B San Martin, CA
Justin Segura 6 Caldwell, ID
Mike Stutzman Michigan


Madera, CA. (10.28.15) - The tire smoke is still in the air on the 2015 season at the LoanMart Madera Speedway and the wheels are already spinning wide open in preparation for the 2016 racing season.

The 2016 rules for all divisions were officially released today at 2pm, and the tentative schedule for the MAVTV televised LoanMart Late Model series and the new Jr. Late Model Series has been released today as well.

"We have been working hard collecting data on cars and testing to insure the small adjustments we make for 2016 will help cost containment and increase the competitive nature of our series. It was an amazing year for competition at Madera with several photo finishes, and we foresee even better competition in 2016. We have had 14 different winners in 30 races in LoanMart Late Model Series history, a new winner every other race is something very special for a high profile series" Kenny Shepherd.

The tentative schedule for the LoanMart Late Model Series has also been released, but it is subject to change as Shepherd explains "We have released our tentative schedule for the LoanMart Late Model Series and the new Jr. Late Model Series. Our dates for the series are very traditional but we are working close with the NASCAR K&N Series and the Lucas Oil Modified Series to produce the best schedule possible. This will benefit many drivers, crew chiefs and team owners".

The tentative dates for the 2016 LoanMart Late Model Series and the new Jr. Late Model Series are March 12th ($5,000 to win), April 30th, May 28th, June 18th, July 30th, August 27th, September 17th or 24th, and the $10,000 to win race on October 8th. Again, these dates are subject to change over the next few weeks but the goal is to maintain the traditional dates as best we can providing our teams as much time as possible between races.

To learn more about the MAVTV televised LoanMart Late Model Series, the new Jr. Late Model Series or the other great divisions at Madera please visit www.racemadera.com.

Tricky Enduro race a treat for fans in 9th Annual Pumpkin Smash at the LoanMart Madera Speedway
By Ronald Montez/The Madera Tribune

On "The Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West", it was a smashing good time for the children who had a big hand, or in this case - foot - in preparing the track for the main Enduro race.

In the 9th Annual Pumpkin Smash Halloween Bash and Blow Up, kids got to stomp pumpkins into a bunch of pieces that left the front straightaway painted orange and yellow on Saturday night (October 24) at the LoanMart Madera Speedway.

That set the stage for a night of outrageous events that included the $2,000 to "Win Up For Grabs" 250-lap Enduro, Barrel Racing, Destruction Derby, a car-stunt show and a Motocross Extreme Jumping Show along with a Haunted House and Trick or Treat thru the Pits.

While the top-driving tandem of Britt Wasson and Mikey Robinson were the big winners of the night - qualifying first (27.325), taking the 225-lap Enduro main and the 35-lap Barrel Race, it was also a special evening for the fans, who got a load of entertainment in a short amount of time.

With ninjas, witches, Power Rangers, fairies, and even Iron Man in the grandstands, the walloping crowd got to see Motocross riders fly into the air, high-sitting cars get knocked down from the tall support posts and a Destruction Derby car completely take down a guard wall on the front straightaway.

It surely grabbed the attention of young fans such as Addison Lung, 4, who came adorably dressed as Rapunzel.

"She loves it," Addison's dad, Ryan, said of the Pumpkin Smash. "The Demolition Derby, the Barrel Race and the Freestyle Motocross - she's totally enjoyed them, more so than on a regular racing night. It's definitely more family oriented as opposed to some of the other (competitive) races. She's just having a ball."

After bringing his daughter to the action-packed show, Lung, of Fresno, would certainly recommend it to other parents.

"I think this is a great event for the kids and it's super awesome," he said. "My daughter and I are out here often because I work for a sprint car team (Vanderpool and Penix) that races out here, so I'm at the Madera Speedway a lot. She's been going to the car races since she was four-or-five months old but this is her first time at the Pumpkin Smash."

Both Ryan and Addison watched Oakhurst's Cody Gauthier win the Destruction Derby in his first try.

"It's definitely an adrenaline rush," said Gauthier, who helped build the car during his high school years. "I didn't expect to win at all. I figured I'd go out there and take a few hits because I'm the rookie and just go have fun."

Gauthier, 19, learned a lot while other cars came at him with reckless abandon.

"You definitely have to be able to look around, multi-task and do a lot of things at once without missing a step," he said. "If they're crossing it in and you can see them coming at you, that's when you can slide the car back and get out of the way. If they're too close to you and you don't see them in time, you just suck it up and take it."

Gauthier was excited about the opportunity to run in Jeff Kirby's car.

"I went to the Mariposa Derby and watched all the Mountain Mafia people do it," said Gauthier. "This car was Jeff's and when he gave me the chance to start building on it, I was like, 'heck yeah'. He just finally let me use it for this derby and it was a lot of fun."

Driving in the car with the word "Bully" painted across the door, Gauthier did what he had to do to be the last car standing.

"Just go out there and be as rough and tough as you can," Gauthier said. "Most of the time you want to try to aim for the front tires and all the ball joints on all the tires, so you can take them out quicker."

Gauthier's premium performance was part of the major excitement on the night.

"It's always a great show they put on down here," he said of the Pumpkin Smash.


While racing with rules and regulations on a clear track can be rather challenging in and of itself, Enduro races add another degree of difficulty.

"Where do I even begin, it was absolutely wild," David Etheridge said after his runner-up finish in the 225-lap Enduro main. "The Barrel Race was crazy to say the least but this (Enduro) track was awesome and so much fun. It was so slick and I don't think I've ever driven on anything quite like it."

Not only did Etheridge have to worry about the other 24 drivers on the soapy water-drenched track but he also had to keep his car going forward.

"I think I was sideways more times than I was pointed straight," said Etheridge. "It was awesome and so much fun to be sideways. I only looped the car I don't know how many times just trying to go faster. To race with people you normally don't because everybody got slowed down was a lot of fun."

Although Loren Chitwood ran away with the race in his Open Enduro Car and Wasson/Robinson were the official victors of the main, Etheridge celebrated a points title along with having his No. 80D car remain intact.

"I really wanted the big trophy tonight and I didn't get it but I got the championship," said Etheridge, who led Jake Kirby by 34 points heading into the event. "It was a great season, so I was super happy about that. I knew my only hope of getting the grand championship trophy for the night was to win the race but I got second and can't complain about that. I had my eye on the big trophy and I really did try to keep the car in one piece. I know that on one lap, there were three people who spun right in front of me and I had to weave in and out of them."

After Etheridge crossed the finish line, first-time Enduro driver Phillip Tevis took third.

"It's great and an adrenaline rush," Tevis said about his experience in the race. "With all the rubbing and passing - it's just a thrill."

According to Tevis, the track's conditions also made for quite an adventure.

"With the pumpkins being smashed and the soap and water on the track in the beginning, it's like you're driving on ice," said Tevis, who was in the No. 4 car. "Instead of going fast, the main goal is just trying to keep the car pointed in the right direction. You had to wait and be patient for the track to dry out a little bit. That's when the speeds picked up and the fun also kicked up. It was a blast from there."

Midway through the race, Tevis was in sixth with Chitwood, Wasson/Robinson, Alan Bridgman, Rob Slagle and Etheridge ahead of him.

When the race resumed and went the opposite direction in the second half of it, Tevis worked his way up to third.

"With it being my first time out, I just tried to watch the fast cars and see the lines that they were driving," said Tevis. "I would try those same lines. Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. I didn't know what I was doing out there. It was a whole learning process the entire time."

For Tevis, getting a shot to race on the highly regarded track was a moment to remember.

"I do Demolition Derbies on a regular basis and having to build a car all the time is a little rough," said Tevis. "My dad, aunts, uncles, and cousins all did racing. I had a chance to jump in someone else's car who lent it to me and I couldn't believe it. So I took the opportunity and just had fun with it. I feel blessed, privileged, and I don't take it all for granted."

Jake Kirby, Slagle and Wasson/Robinson each won six-lap Enduro heat races earlier in the event.

Wasson and Robinson's No. 66 car also took the lead on Lap 20 and held it for the final 15 laps after Slagle's leading car went out in the heavy-hitting Barrel Race.

James Cooke placed second while Kirby was third overall.

After a couple of weeks off, the Madera Speedway returns to action on Friday (November 20) for the King of the Wing National Sprint Car series, BCRA Midgets, NCMA Sprints, and Open Super Modified Race (Weight & Wing rule).


Enduros - 250 Laps
1. Britt Wasson/Mikey Robinson
2. David Etheridge
3. Phillip Tevis
4. Rob Slagle
5. Rick Anderson
6. Randy Gens
7. James Cooke
8. Mark Ogders
9. Dave Helmuth
10. Devin Slagle
11. Ken Winland
12. Robert Smith
13. Marisa Ogders
14. Alan Bridgman
15. Scott Wasson
16. Jake Kirby
17. William Didrickson
18. Twiggy McMahon
19. Brock Boswell
20. Loren Chitwood (Open Enduro Cars - 230 Laps) 21. Mike Mulvihill (Open Enduro Cars) 22. Michael Shimmer (Open Enduro Cars) 23. Ryan Hart (Open Enduro Cars) 24. Julie Smith (Open Enduro Cars) 25. William Capraun (Open Enduro Cars)

Barrel Race - 35 Laps
1. Britt Wasson/Mike Robinson
2. James Cooke
3. Jake Kirby
4. Ryan Hart
5. Randy Gens
6. David Etheridge
7. Scott Wasson
8. Robert Smith
9. Jason Sitton
10. Alan Bridgman
11. Rob Slagle
12. Loren Chitwood
13. Ken Winland
14. Mike Mulvihill
15. Devin Slagle
16. Brock Boswell
17. Twiggy McMahon
18. Rick Anderson
19. Dave Helmuth
20. Chris Chitwood
21. Julie Smith

Heat Races

Enduros (Heat 1) - 6 Laps
1. Jake Kirby
2. Ken Winland
3. James Cooke
4. Loren Chitwood
5. Alan Bridgman
6. Jesus Hernandez
7. Ryan Hart

Enduros (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. Rob Slagle
2. Devin Slagle
3. David Etheridge
4. Randy Gens
5. Jason Sitton
6. Rick Anderson
7. Mike Mulvihill

Enduros (Heat 3) - 6 Laps
1. Britt Wasson/Mikey Robinson
2. Scott Wasson
3. Phillip Tevis
4. Chris Chitwood
5. Dave Helmuth
6. Robert Smith
7. Julie Smith
8. Brock Boswell

Qualifying - 2 Laps

1. Britt Wasson/Mikey Robinson 27.325
2. David Etheridge 27.368
3. Jason Sitton 27.670
4. Scott Wasson 28.770
5. Ryan Hart 28.832
6. Devin Slagle 29.198
7. Rob Slagle 29.262
8. Jake Kirby 29.400
9. Rick Anderson 29.409
10. James Cooke 29.547
11. Randy Gens 29.583
12. Michael Shimmer 30.261
13. Ken Winland 30.763
14. Jesus Hernandez 30.798
15. Mike Mulvihill 32.003
16. Brock Boswell 33.204
17. Julie Smith 33.398
18. Phillip Tevis 37.809
19. Loren Chitwood (DQ)
20. Alan Bridgman (DQ)
21. Robert Smith (DQ)
22. William Capraun (DQ)

Holmes claims $10K with 125-lap Open Late Models win at the LoanMart Madera Speedway
By Ronald Montez / The Madera Tribune

While it wasn't exactly a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there was a giant check awaiting the Open Late Models winner at the finish line in Race No. 8 of the $10,000-to-Win California Gold Classic Short Track Shootout.

After 125 laps of mayhem, maneuvers and masterful driving, it was Escalon's Eric Holmes that once again found a way to bring home the big payout on Saturday night (October 10) at the LoanMart Madera Speedway.

For Holmes, it was his first Madera Open Late Models Series appearance since winning the $10,000 prize money in last season's Championship Night race.

The three-time K&N champion Holmes didn't lead until after a Lap 86 restart and held off runner-up Trevor Huddleston to walk away with a nice chunk of change in the MAVTV televised event that drew a large number of fans nation wide.

According to Deanna Alexander, the manager of the Hampton Inn in Madera, the local hotel was sold out and thanked track promoter Kenny Shepherd for bringing the large show to town.

"It was a huge night," said Shepherd. "We filled up all the motels and hotels, loaded the local restaurants for three days and pretty much spread $100 bills all over Madera thanks to all of these big-time teams and fans rolling into Madera for three days."

In the final points race of the season, Holmes wasn't the only driver to receive nice earnings on a big night that also featured the Lucas Oil Modifieds $5,000-to-Win 75-lap race along with Race No. 8 of the Super Hobby Stocks Series 50-laps, and Championship Night for the MST and Toyota Sedans.

In front of an amped up capacity crowd, it was Kyle Tellstrom (Lucas Oil Modifieds), Josh Whitfield (Hobby Stocks), Tyler Herzog (MST), Tim Curtis (Toyota Sedans), Luis Martinez (Open Late Models B-Main) and Robbie Knittel (Lucas Oil Modifieds B-Main) who all also picked up main victories.

With a sixth place finish in the Open Late Models, Buddy Shepherd secured the Madera Open Late Models Series championship.

With two main victories on the season, Shepherd came into the event with a 19-point lead over Bryan Herzog - a winner of three mains this year.

"All you have to do is race smart here," said Shepherd. "It doesn't matter if you win three races in a row, you're luck is going to run out eventually. We tried to run as consistently as we could this season. We evened missed a race, which is really lucky that we got the championship knowing that we missed one (May 30)."

Although he was grateful for the title, Shepherd had his sights firmly set on the final race - and it's nice grand total.

"We were focused on winning this one since the first race of the year," Shepherd said after the main. "It just sucks that we had so many problems Friday and Saturday. With no brakes, it's just been a complete mess but we tried. I think we bounced off the wall a couple of times, we hit everything but the pace truck. I'm not sure what we're going to do next year but we'll figure something out."



With 26 cars starting in the main and looking to establish positions, there was bound to be trouble early with $10,000.00 on the line.

Three cautions didn't seem to bother top qualifier (15.044) Ryan Philpott as he led for the first 50 laps while Shepherd, Herzog, Mike David, Garland Tyler and Holmes stayed in early contention.

Behind a two-car pile up and other mishaps, Laps 50-82 were rocky ones with six cautions breaking any momentum for the top drivers including Philpott, who lost his lead to David on a Lap 75 restart.

When the drivers returned for the final 43 laps, there was no clear-cut favorite to predict - all still had a legitimate shot at the trophy and cash.

Those chances to win grew even better for the other drivers after David lost the lead when his car broke on Lap 85.

That left Huddleston, Holmes, Philpott, Rick Thompson and defending series champ Matt Erickson in the top five with 40 laps left.

On the Lap 86 restart, Holmes split between Huddleston and Philpott to get ahead of the race.

Despite yellow flags being waved on Laps 116 and 124, Holmes continued to inch closer to the record purse and finished in front of Huddleston, Erickson, Herzog, Thompson, and Shepherd, who was hoping for a different finish.

"Kenny (Shepherd) is doing a great job here but I just wish we would've had some double file restarts at the end of this race because we would've had a chance to win the whole $10,000.00," said Buddy. "We're a little disappointed over that but we still got the championship."

Riley Herbst, Nick Joanides, Joey Licata, Bryce Napier and Erickson each won eight-lap heat races earlier in the day.


Whitfield capped the perfect season with a 50-lap victory to conclude the Open Hobby Stocks Series.

"Ever since we've been here, we've been undefeated," said Whitfield, who won his 12th race of the season. "Last year we ran about three-to-four races and won them all. We just had a blast coming down here to this track with Kenny and all of their crew. Everybody just puts on a great show and it's welcoming down here. We loved being here, so we had made a goal and it was to win a championship this year."

Whitfield was 8-for-8 in the Race-to-Win Hobby Stocks Open Series and won in all 12 of his Hobby Stock appearances overall this year on "The Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West".

"Time," Whitfield said about what it took to build the unbeatable No. 00 car. "Every night we come home from work and do a little wrenching on this thing. On the week of races, it doesn't get untouched. We had another car here and this one (No. 00) kind of sat to the side. It definitely showed because we only qualified fourth. Usually we're on top of the (leader) board but it was off the pace."

With a 60-point lead heading into the final race, Whitfield wasn't too concerned with the 14-car Hobby Stocks finale.

"Today, we were just planning on start/parking," said Whitfield, who also qualified 27th in the Open Late Models. "We didn't have any luck in the Late Models, so I said, 'You know what, let's just go out, have some fun and try to win the Hobby Stocks race' - and we got it."

Although Whitfield had many runaway victories this season, he had a formidable competitor in Howard Holden.

Holden, who was the division's top qualifier (15.911), battled with Whitfield before spinning out on Lap 14.

While Whitfield was in the lead, Holden worked his way back up to the front and eventually passed Whitfield on a Lap 36 restart.

With 10 laps to go, both were even on the back straightaway before Whitfield pushed slightly ahead.

After a restart on Lap 46, Whitfield began to pull away for good while Holden finished second and Jason Aguirre took third.


Once the pink flag - signifying Breast Cancer Awareness Month - was waved, Tellstrom wouldn't be caught in the 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified race.

However, nabbing the $5,000.00 grand prize in the 27-car race wasn't easy for Tellstrom, who was followed by track record-breaking fast time qualifier Linny White (14.536) for a good number of those laps.

After each car paraded around the track proudly waving American Flags prior to the race going green, Tellstrom started in the front and never looked back.

Right out of the gates, the main got off to a messy start with a caution on the first lap.

That trend would continue with as many as seven delays to the 27-car race which included a red on Lap 39.

Although Tellstrom continued to stay ahead on the Texas restarts, White didn't leave him much room for error and was in close view for the final laps.

With two laps to go, White gave Tellstrom all he could handle before the race came to an end.

While White finished runner-up by 0.847 of a second, Dylan Cappello placed third.


It was the final race of the season for the Toyota Sedans and MST drivers, who clearly left it all on the track.

In the 25-lap Toyota Sedans race, the points leader and defending champion Tim Curtis put the finishing touches on another title season with a close-out victory.

Curtis was the division's No. 1 qualifier (17.497) and took the permanent lead after passing Jillaun Holden on Lap 10.

Holden finished second while Donnie Large Jr., who was the six-lap heat race winner, placed third.

With a 12-point lead heading into the Championship Night, fast qualifier John Bowersox (16.675) added more points to his total with an eight-lap heat race win.

While Bowersox finished fifth in the main, it was Herzog who led for 24 out of the 25 laps to pick up another victory on the season.

Bert Stephens took second and defending champ Kevin Thompson placed third.

After a week off, the LoanMart Madera Speedway will return Saturday (October 24) for the ninth Annual Pumpkin Smash Halloween Bash and Blow up!!! $2,000 to Win 250-lap Enduro, Boat Drags, Destruction Derby, A Haunted House and Trick or Treat thru the Pits and on Track PUMPKIN SMASH for the KIDS!



Open Late Models - 125 Laps
1. Eric Holmes
2. Trevor Huddleston
3. Matt Erickson
4. Bryan Herzog
5. Rick Thompson
6. Buddy Shepherd
7. Ryan Philpott
8. Ryan Hart
9. Ron Duke
10. Bryce Napier
11. Loren Kutz
12. Rob Kiemele
13. Ronnie Roberts
14. Alexander Mead
15. Garland Tyler
16. Mike David
17. Riley Herbst
18. Danny Guibor
19. Joey Licata
20. Lacie Price
21. Luis Martinez
22. Nick Joanides
23. Gabe Herzog
24. Dennis Furden
25. Jason Aguirre
26. Trevor Schlundt

Open Late Models (B-Main) - 20 Laps
1. Luis Martinez
2. Danny Guibor
3. Loren Kutz
4. Ron Duke
5. Dillon Tucker
6. Brandon Loverock
7. Dennis Furden
8. Josh Whitfield
9. Elliot Stjerne

Lucas Oil Modifieds - 75 Laps
1. Kyle Tellstrom
2. Linny White
3. Dylan Cappello
4. Matthew Hicks
5. Scott Winters
6. Austin Barnes
7. Eric Holmes
8. Eric Rhead
9. Jim Mardis
10. Chris Gerchman
11. Rich Lindgren
12. Jason Irwin
13. Shelby Stroebel
14. Larry Gerchman
15. Darrin Knight
16. Dave Arce
17. Doug Carpenter
18. Blake Rogers
19. Eric Hamilton
20. Sal Lopez
21. Taylor Miinch
22. Doug Hamm
23. Jack Madrid
24. Kyle Cline
25. Elliot Stjerne
26. Wes Miller
27. Eddie Secord

Lucas Oil Modifieds (B-Main) - 40 Laps
1. Robbie Knittel
2. Brian Collins
3. William Guevara
4. CJ Christman
5. Rick Avila
6. Kevin Nichols
7. Chris Gerchman
8. Eric Holmes
9. Kyle Cline
10. Dave Arce
11. Jerry Toporek
12. Pat Petrie
13. Sammy Solari
14. Scot Alves
15. Nathan Smith

Open Hobby Stocks - 50 Laps
1. Josh Whitfield
2. Howard Holden
3. Jason Aguirre
4. Jeremy Tucker
5. Shelden Cooper
6. Joseph Riechmuth
7. Thomas Suarez
8. Mark Gardner
9. Paul Beatty
10. Steve Schermerhorn
11. Jay Weisgeriber
12. Bob Tilley
13. Jason Sitton
14. Vaughn Palmer

MST - 25 Laps
1. Tyler Herzog
2. Bert Stephens
3. Kevin Thompson
4. Darrell Herzog
5. John Bowersox
6. Tim Curtis
7. Dave Lander
8. Tim Kammerer
9. Zachary Cook
10. Patrick Geiger

Hobby Stocks - 25 Laps
1. Tim Curtis
2. Jillaun Holden
3. Donnie Large Jr.
4. Thomas Magray
5. Del McIntosh
6. Erik Woods
7. Lucy Carmona
8. Shirley Curtis


Open Late Models (Heat 1) - 8 Laps
1. Riley Herbst
2. Alexander Mead
3. Luis Martinez

Open Late Models (Heat 2) - 8 Laps
1. Matt Erickson
2. Trevor Schlundt
3. Josh Whitfield
4. Danny Guibor

Open Late Models (Heat 3) - 8 Laps
1. Nick Joanides
2. Ryan Hart
3. Loren Kutz
4. Dennis Furden

Open Late Models (Heat 4) - 8 Laps
1. Joey Licata
2. Rob Kiemele
3. Ron Duke
4. Dillon Tucker

Open Late Models (Heat 5) - 8 Laps
1. Bryce Napier
2. Rick Thompson
3. Elliot Stjerne

MST - 6 Laps
1. John Bowersox
2. Kevin Thompson
3. Darrell Herzog
4. Tyler Herzog
5. Zachary Cook
6. Bert Stephens
7. Patrick Geiger
8. Tim Curtis
9. Tim Kammerer
10. Dave Lander

Toyota Sedans - 6 Laps
1. Donnie Large Jr.
2. Jillaun Holden
3. Del McIntosh
4. Thomas Magray
5. Lucy Carmona
6. Erik Woods
7. Shirley Curtis


Open Late Models
1. Ryan Philpott 15.044
2. Bryan Herzog 15.111
3. Eric Holmes 15.112
4. Lacie Price 15.113
5. Mike David 15.122
6. Ronnie Roberts 15.186
7. Trevor Huddleston 15.191
8. Garland Tyler 15.225
9. Buddy Shepherd 15.230
10. Gabe Herzog 15.256
11. Riley Herbst 15.277
12. Matt Erickson 15.280
13. Ryan Hart 15.304
14. Rob Kiemele 15.328
15. Rick Thompson 15.339
16. Luis Martinez 15.357
17. Danny Guibor 15.363
18. Nick Joanides 15.384
19. Joey Licata 15.442
20. Bryce Napier 15.514
21. Brandon Loverock 15.537
22. Trevor Schlundt 15.544
23. Loren Kutz 15.599
24. Dillon Tucker 15.637
25. Elliot Stjerne 15.644
26. Alexander Mead 15.762
27. Josh Whitfield 15.829
28. Dennis Furden 15.957
29. Ron Duke 16.112
30. Jason Aguirre 16.415
31. Manny Gonzalez
32. Donny St. Ours

Lucas Oil Modifieds
1. Linny White 14.536
2. Scott Winters 14.628
3. Kyle Tellstrom 14.694
4. Taylor Miinch 14.733
5. Jim Mardis 14.737
6. Dylan Cappello 14.760
7. Matthew Hicks 14.771
8. Jason Irwin 14.771
9. Wes Miller 14.778
10. Austin Barnes 14.778
11. Jack Madrid 14.782
12. Eddie Secord 14.794
13. Shelby Stroebel 14.797
14. Elliot Stjerne 14.800
15. Eric Hamilton 14.821
16. Rich Lindgren 14.824
17. Doug Hamm 14.838
18. Darrin Knight 14.862
19. Kyle Cline 14.892
20. Chris Gerchman 14.895
21. Robbie Knittel 14.903
22. Doug Carpenter 14.907
23. Blake Rogers 14.909
24. Dave Arce 14.910
25. Eric Holmes 14.912
26. Eric Rhead 14.913
27. Scot Alves 14.958
28. William Guevara 15.070
29. Larry Gerchman 15.072
30. Sammy Solari 15.120
31. Nathan Smith 15.205
32. Brian Collins 15.226
33. Pat Petrie 15.264
34. CJ Christman 15.330
35. Jerry Toporek 15.362
36. Sal Lopez 15.377
37. Rick Avila 15.418
38. Kevin Nichols 16.940

Open Hobby Stocks
1. Howard Holden 15.911
2. Joseph Riechmuth 16.028
3. Paul Beatty 16.158
4. Josh Whitfield 16.179
5. Mark Gardner 16.240
6. Shelden Cooper 16.249
7. Thomas Suarez 16.525
8. Jason Aguirre 16.607
9. Jeremy Tucker 16.969
10. Jesus Hernandez 18.133 (Enduro)
11. Steve Schermerhorn 18.230
12. Jason Sitton

1. John Bowersox 16.675
2. Darrell Herzog 16.693
3. Kevin Thompson 16.708
4. Tyler Herzog 16.733
5. Bert Stephens 16.778
6. Zachary Cook 16.900
7. Tim Kammerer 17.375
8. Patrick Geiger 17.376
9. Dave Lander 17.377
10. Tim Curtis 17.942

Toyota Sedans
1. Tim Curtis 17.497
2. Erik Woods 17.708
3. Donnie Large Jr. 17.744
4. Jillaun Holden 17.781
5. Del McIntosh 17.896
6. Thomas Magray 17.933
7. Lucy Carmona 18.406
8. Shirley Curtis 19.064

Thompson, by inches, takes 100-lap race in eventful night at the LoanMart Madera Speedway
By Ronald Montez/The Madera Tribune

When it comes to preparing for races at the LoanMart Madera Speedway, it's all about making adjustments - minor or major ones - week in and week out.

Whether it's fine-tuning the car itself, figuring out how to properly maneuver on the sometimes unpredictable track, or even testing out a new racing strategy against quality competition, that's what having an eight-month season allows drivers and their crew members to do.

For Rick Thompson, that significant amount of time, dedication and attention to detail paid dividends for him and the Thompson Motorsales Racing Team on Saturday night (September 26) in Race No. 7 of the MavTV televised LoanMart Open Late Model Series 100-lap (split 50) main.

In front of the watchful eyes of zestful fans, Thompson beat out points leader Buddy Shepherd by the slimmest of margins (0.017 time differential) to earn his first LoanMart Open Late Model 100-lap victory of the season and career.

"It means the world," Thompson said of his hard-fought victory that saw him assume the lead with just four laps to go. "This team has worked so hard this year and we've come up short. Earlier in the year, we lost one like this. We got second by a nose, so to win one by a nose is just awesome."

One of Thompson's many supporters on hand included his brother Kevin, the defending MST champion.

"I'm so happy for him," Kevin said after the race in the pit area. "We've really poured a lot into this year. We got a new car for us and we've been working on it. We've been getting a little closer every week and this week, we were about as good as all the cars out there."

Heading into the main, it was hard to ignore Shepherd and his track record-breaking qualifying time of 14.901.

"There was only one car out there faster than us and that was the No. 22," Kevin said of Shepherd, who also has two main wins on the season. "It's hard to beat that car."

For Kevin, his brother's win was a significant one on many levels.

"It's big for our team," Kevin said. "We're working on some sponsors for next year, so this is a great win for us. To come out here as a lower budget team and to win one of these races against some of these bigger budget cars is just huge. To be that competitive and have a chance to win at the end was big-time, there's no doubt about it. He's won some of the local races but to get one of these is a substantial win for him. He's been running in these Open Late Models ever since they started them and he beat the big boys."

With the win, Rick is certainly ready for the Series' grand finale on October 10 with a $10,000.00 payout on the line.

"We have a lot of momentum, this is the best that the car has ever handled," said Thompson. "We tried some different things tonight, some guys helped me out and it worked. I'm excited, the car is fast and I think we can still have a little more improvement. I was running 260 degrees tonight, so if we can get the car down to 220, then that's horsepower."

Thompson was among five other drivers to claim main victories including Josh Whitfield (Open Hobby Stocks), Jeremy Wood (Legends of the Pacific), John Bowersox (MST), Tim Curtis (Toyota Sedans) and Ken Winland (Enduros) in a berserk night of racing that saw the Speedway's tow truck make several appearances.



For a majority of the first 50 laps, it was Bryan Herzog who led the 17-car field while Thompson started in the No. 7 position and worked his way into second after a Lap 35 restart.

Shepherd, who was in second before the race came to a complete stop on Lap 34, had to start from the back after making a trip to the infield.

After Lap 50, Thompson trailed Herzog heading into the break while Ronnie Roberts (third), Matt Erickson (fourth), and Shepherd (fifth) rounded out the top five on the leader board.

Just five laps into the start of the second half, Thompson was in the lead while Herzog, Erickson, Shepherd and Roberts were behind in the No. 2-5 spots.

After a caution on Lap 75, Herzog retook the lead and appeared to be heading for his fourth main win of the season.

With 10 laps to go, Herzog was still in front of Erickson while Thompson was rolling along in third.

On Lap 96, Herzog tried to make a move while ahead of Erickson but ended up drawing a caution instead that eventually costed him the almost sure-handed victory.

"Story of my life," Herzog said of his finish that damaged the front end of his car. "I thought I had 42 (Erickson) cleared but he got a heck of a run on the outside. My spotter was doing a good job of calling where everybody was and we didn't anticipate that he was going to get that kind of a run coming off. I thought I was going to be able to just barely clear him."

Although it wasn't the way he wanted to end his night, Herzog didn't feel slighted about his finish.

"Matt's a good driver, I don't fault him one bit," he said of the 2014 defending series champ. "It was just a racing incident and nothing intentional. It was no big deal, just two grown adults racing hard and no hard feelings afterwards."

With Herzog out, that left Thompson and Shepherd set to duel for first on the restart.

"I was running third and I saw the guys (Herzog and Erickson) in front of me," said Thompson. "I was faster than them earlier and was having to slow down for them. At the end of the race, right before the wreck, they were faster than me. So I was just following them, biding my time - not hoping, just waiting."

Thompson pulled ahead of Shepherd after the restart but knew he couldn't ease up on the pedal.

With one lap to go, Shepherd was trying to run down Thompson and nearly did after Turn 4.

The two crossed the finish line side-by-side with Thompson having the edge.

"Buddy was faster than me all day," said Thompson. "He set the track record today, so give the kid credit. He was driving a great race. He did an outside/in move and I saw nothing but orange (Shepherd's primary car color) on my left side. I really thought he had me. He made a great move. I think the outside line was just a little bit stickier and that made the difference in the end."

Thompson's narrow win reversed a down-to-the-wire loss to Shepherd on April 25.

"They told me earlier in the year that I lost the race by four inches to him," said Thompson of Race No. 2. "Buddy beat me by four inches, so to beat him by four inches was just great."

Erickson, who won Race. 5 on July 25, placed third while Roberts took fourth and Garland Tyler finished fifth.


Like the Open Late Model finish, Wood and Robby Czub battled all the way to the checkered flag in the Legends of the Pacific's final appearance on "The Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West".

While the two were trying to gain the advantage on the final lap, Wood was the declared the winner in the 35-lap main that saw the yellow flag being waved just before both were headed for the finish line.

"Unbelievable is definitely a way to describe it," Wood said of the finish that included a spinout after Lap 34 and a crash after Lap 35.

Czub, who posted the division's top qualifying time (16.144) and won an eight-lap heat race, was striving for his fourth main win of the season in Madera and nearly got it on the final lap.

For Wood, seeing the yellow flag on the last lap was a big break in the 15-car race that had five cautions including a Lap 4 crash that briefly halted the race.

"If we raced back to the checkered yellow, he (Czub) would've probably had it because I didn't get through (Turns) 3 and 4 the greatest," said Wood. "With our rules, we revert back to the last lap. Prior to that, we probably ran 10 laps side-by-side with me on the outside. Racing with Robby, he is the best in this division and to hold him off and race side-by-side like that is just a blast and a lot of fun."

It was Pete Pierce, an eight-lap heat race winner, who led early before Wood officially took the lead on a Lap 14 restart.

Despite qualifying last, Pierce ended up placing third overall in the main.

While Wood was driving steadily on the outside from laps 20-34, Czub was right behind trying to gain ground using the inside edge and appeared to be even with him heading into the final lap following a Lap 35 restart.

Because a crash ensued on that restart, the race was officially declared over after 35 laps even though Czub crossed the finish line first as the yellow occurred.

"The official came down and said they were giving the win to Robby," explained Wood, who received the first-place trophy during a post-race interview with track announcer Outback Andy Foster. "He (Czub) came back onto the track and we talked. We really had no doubts. At the white flag, him and I both knew that he wasn't along side or ahead of me."

Although there was some confusion about the finish, Wood still had another great time racing against Czub and the rest of the division.

"This was our last race out here," said Wood, who has 13 years of experience in the Legends class. "I've missed the last two or three races out here, so I was solely coming up here just to have a good time. I love racing in Madera. Kenny Shepherd and his staff always put on a tremendous show and treat us extremely well. To end our race this year like that, hopefully the fans enjoyed it and they'll come back to see us next year."


Although he only trailed by two in the overall point standings, Bowersox had another productive outing in the MST division.

Bowersox was the 25-lap main winner and also won an eight-lap heat race.

While Bowersox won the race, he was behind early to Zachary Cook, Kevin Thompson, and Bert Stephens - another eight-lap heat race winner, who was second in qualifying (16.686) behind Tyler Herzog's top mark of 16.618.

Thompson passed Cook to get into the lead before being spunout on Lap 6.

A few laps later, Bowersox was in the lead for good and kept ahead of Stephens despite three cautions including a three-car mix-up that Thompson was also involved in along with Cook and Herzog on the final lap.

"I didn't have as good as luck as Rick," Thompson said of his overall sixth-place finish. "I got taken out in the lead and somebody decided to try and make it three-wide on the last lap when I was in third. We're struggling with my car a little bit and Rick's is starting to come together. That's just how racing goes. Hopefully we'll be able to get mine a little bit faster for the next race and hopefully we can both come out with wins in the final."

While Stephens placed second, Dave Lander took third.

In the Toyota Sedans division, points leader Tim Curtis piled up more with a 25-lap main win and a six-lap heat race victory while setting the new track record fast-time of 17.295.

The same went for Open Hobby Stocks winner Josh Whitfield, who claimed the 50-lap (split 25) main and now owns the division's track qualifying record of 15.843.

Whitfield never trailed in the main and won his seventh straight Race to win $500.

Jillaun Holden (Toyota Sedans) and Howard Holden (Hobby Stocks) each took second while Thomas Magray (Toyota Sedans) and Kyle Fortney (Hobby Stocks) placed third.

October 10 is the championship night for those divisions.


When it was all said and done, Ken Winland was the 64-lap winner of the Barrel Extreme Enduro race.

"I had a great time racing with some real fast cars tonight," said Winland. "I love mixing it up with the barrel. It's fun and adventurous. Thank goodness for Madera having us Enduro guys. We love it."

In order to complete a full lap around the track, Winland and the rest of the drivers had to race around a barrel/tire placed on the front straightway while trying not to lose any ground or break momentum.

"What I found is that some of these cars are a little quicker than me but if I can get up to the barrel and take a nice smooth turn, I was actually able to gain some space there," said Winland. "It's really how you set the car up to go through the turn, not pushing the car too much and just letting it kind of flow through the turn. If you're going too fast and aggressive, you're going to plow into another car and that'll end your night. So it's really half patience, half aggressiveness."

Winland enjoyed competing against the likes of David Etheridge, who took second, and Rob Slagle, who finished third.

"I've been racing Enduros for 30 years, I used to run the West Coast Enduro and I love it," Winland said. "I'm 49 years old and I'm still out there getting it done. To me, it's the best affordable style of racing out there. I love it and wouldn't want to do any other kind of racing. This is the best group of guys and best kind of fun you can have on four wheels. The fans love it and we want to entertain them. I hope we were able to do that."

After a week off, the LoanMart Madera Speedway will return on Saturday (October 10) for the 125 Lap $10,000.00 to WIN CALIFORNIA GOLD CLASSIC SHORT TRACK SHOOTOUT for the MAVTV televised LoanMart Open Late Model Series 125 laps! (race No. 8), Lucas Oil Modifieds $5,000.00 to Win 77 lap TV race! Race No. 8 of the Super Hobby Stock Series 70 Laps (split 35's), and Championship night for the MST & Toyota Sedans.



LoanMart Late Model Open - 100 Laps
1. Rick Thompson
2. Buddy Shepherd
3. Matt Erickson
4. Ronnie Roberts
5. Garland Tyler
6. Jason Aguirre
7. Emma Tucker
8. Bryce Napier
9. Ryan Hart
10. Larry Pasquale
11. Bryan Herzog
12. Gabe Herzog
13. Ross Strmiska
14. Alexander Mead
15. Joey Licata
16. Aaron Mullins
17. Loren Kutz

Open Hobby Stocks - 50 Laps
1. Josh Whitfield
2. Howard Holden
3. Kyle Fortney
4. Joseph Riechmuth
5. Shelden Cooper
6. Eloy Bazar
7. Thomas Suarez
8. Steve Schermerhorn
9. Bob Tilley
10. Jason Sitton

Legends of the Pacific - 35 Laps
1. Jeremy Wood
2. Robby Czub
3. Pete Pierce
4. Jason Figura
5. Josh Fleming
6. John Bowman
7. Johnny Morrissy
8. Clayton Travels
9. Tony Peffer
10. Nick Grossi
11. Cody Winchel
12. Sonny Cervelli
13. Bob Kuebler
14. Colton Page

MST - 25 Laps
1. John Bowersox
2. Bert Stephens
3. Dave Lander
4. Patrick Geiger
5. Zachary Cook
6. Kevin Thompson
7. Tyler Herzog
8. Darrell Herzog

Toyota Sedans - 25 Laps
1. Tim Curtis
2. Jillaun Holden
3. Thomas Magray
4. Brennen Mankin
5. Shirley Curtis
6. Stacy Evans (4-Bangers)
7. Jason Lawton

Enduros - 64 Laps
1. Ken Winland
2. David Etheridge
3. Rob Slagle
4. James Cooke
5. Jake Kirby
6. John Eyram
7. Antonio Mentzer
8. Robert Smith
9. Britt Wasson/Mike Robertson

Heat Races

Legends of the Pacific (Heat 1) - 8 Laps 1. Robby Czub 2. Nick Grossi 3. Jeremy Wood 4. Sonny Cervelli 5. Johnny Morrissy 6. Cody Winchel 7. Colton Page

Legends of the Pacific (Heat 2) - 8 Laps 1. Pete Pierce 2. Jason Figura 3. Tony Peffer 4. Clayton Travels 5. Bob Kuebler 6. John Bowman 7. Josh Fleming

MST (Heat 1) - 5 Laps
1. John Bowersox
2. Tyler Herzog
3. Darrell Herzog
4. Patrick Geiger

MST (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. Bert Stephens
2. Kevin Thompson
3. Zachary Cook
4. Dave Lander

Toyota Sedans - 6 Laps
1. Tim Curtis
2. Brennen Mankin
3. Jillaun Holden
4. Jason Lawton
5. Stacy Evans (4-Bangers)
6. Thomas Magray
7. Shirley Curtis

Enduros - 6 Laps
1. David Etheridge
2. Robert Smith
3. Jake Kirby
4. James Cooke
5. Britt Wasson/Mikey Robinson
6. Rob Slagel
7. Antonio Mentzer
8. Ken Winland
9. White Car

Qualifying - 2 Laps

LoanMart Late Model Open
1. Buddy Shepherd 14.901
2. Ross Strmiska 15.234
3. Bryan Herzog 15.251
4. Rick Thompson 15.277
5. Garland Tyler 15.340
6. Ronnie Roberts 15.351
7. Matt Erickson 15.364
8. Jason Aguirre 15.466
9. Ryan Hart 15.488
10. Emma Tucker 15.529
11. Gabe Herzog 15.713
12. Joey Licata 15.748
13. Alexander Mead 15.753
14. Aaron Mullins 15.761
15. Loren Kutz 15.842
16. Bryce Napier 15.879
17. Larry Pasquale 15.951

Open Hobby Stocks
1. Josh Whitfield 15.843
2. Howard Holden 16.007
3. Joseph Riechmuth 16.140
4. Shelden Cooper 16.194
5. Kyle Fortney 16.338
6. Thomas Suarez 16.573
7. Eloy Bazan 16.769
8. Bob Tilley 17.646
9. Jason Sitton 17.982

Legends of the Pacific
1. Robby Czub 16.144
2. Jeremy Wood 16.224
3. Cody Winchel 16.303
4. Colton Page 16.441
5. Johnny Morrissy 16.522
6. Garrett Fine 16.532
7. Nick Grossi 16.561
8. Sonny Cervelli 16.572
9. Josh Fleming 16.581
10. Clayton Travles 16.679
11. Bob Kuebler 16.796
12. John Bowman 16.891
13. Jason Figura 16.910
14. Tony Peffer 17.011
15. Pete Pierce 19.224

1. Tyler Herzog 16.618
2. Bert Stephens 16.686
3. Darrell Herzog 16.721
4. Kevin Thompson 16.853
5. John Bowersox 16.966
6. Zachary Cook 17.019
7. Patrick Geiger 17.352
8. Dave Lander 17.497

Toyota Sedans
1. Tim Curtis 17.295
2. Brennen Mankin 17.524
3. Jason Lawton 17.707
4. Jillaun Holden 17.871
5. Stacy Evans 17.952
6. Thomas Magray 17.998
7. Shirley Curtis 19.052

1. David Etheridge 27.775
2. Robert Smith 29.025
3. Jake Kirby 29.133
4. James Cooke 29.444


MADERA, CALIFORNIA (September 9, 2015) - A move several years in the making, Kenny Shepherd's LoanMart Madera Speedway will usher in a new era in 2016 with the ground-breaking Jr. Late Model division for drivers ages 10-16. The eight race super series will model the highly successful LoanMart Open Late Models rules but allow young drivers a chance to hone their skills in a full-bodied stock car.

Drivers will be in action starting in 2016 on the one-third mile asphalt oval in one of the nation's only youth development series of its kind.

Modeling after the Open Late Model rules will mean drivers can use economical cars with steel stocks, 602 or 604 crate motors or even built motors, on a Hoosier 970 treaded tire. A restrictor plate and RPM rule will be included to limit the performance of the cars within the abilities of the participating drivers. The series has already attracted the attention of regional racers from Quarter Midgets, Micro Sprints, Midgets, Bandoleros, and Mini Cups.

Series races will be 50 laps with a pair of 25 lap segments with a break in between. The races are tentatively planned to be televised much in the same way the eight race LoanMart Open Late Models have been in 2015 as well.

"We have been talking about this since 2007, and have been working on it since 2009 and it is now going to happen. This will give our racing youth a solid path that will provide major media coverage in motorsports," said promoter Kenny Shepherd.

For more information on the Madera Jr. Late Model Series go to http://www.racemadera.com/JrLateModels.html or call Kenny Shepherd at 209-769-9581.

The LoanMart Madera Speedway hosts the LoanMart Open Late Models again with a 100 lap contest on September 26th, before the giant October Gold Classic on October 10th. That event will include a $10,000 to win 125 lap Late Model race and a $5,000 to win Lucas Oil Modified event as well to make one of the largest short track races in the West Coast.

For more information on Madera Speedway, race over to www.RaceMadera.com or follow them on Facebook.

Herzog hooks Open Late Model win at the LoanMart Madera Speedway
By Ronald Montez/The Madera Tribune

Although they are not exactly fishing, drivers in the 100-lap Open Late Model Series must show a great amount of patience when it comes to trying to catch the car ahead of them.

In Race No. 6 of the $1,000 to win LoanMart Open Late Model Series split 50's, Bryan Herzog did his best fisherman impression while waiting for the perfect time to reel in a win Saturday night (August 29) in front of an impassioned crowd at the LoanMart Madera Speedway.

After biding his time for a majority of the MAVTV-filmed race, Herzog casted his recognizable green and black No. 11 car out in front on a Lap 62 restart and, lap by lap, pulled in a big first-place trophy.

Along with collecting a $1,000 prize payout, Herzog earned his third Open Late Model Series win of the season after claiming the June 20 and May 30 races on "The Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West".

Herzog wasn't the only driver to net a main victory on the night as Josh Whitfield (Open Hobby Stocks), Jillaun Holden (Toyota Sedans), Kevin Thompson (MST'S) and Andrew Payne (WSRA Mini Cups) also wrapped up wins in their respective divisions.



When it comes to operating the Open Late Model cars, it takes a special breed of athletes to suit up, buckle in and race against others in a vehicle that can potentially top 100 MPH going around a sometimes heavily congested track.

Those brave 16 drivers included Herzog, Buddy Shepherd, Matt Erickson, Gabe Herzog, Ronnie Roberts, Joey Licata, Trevor Schlundt, Danny Guibor, Garland Tyler, Ryan Hart, Jason Aguirre, Emma Tucker, Rick Thompson, Larry Pasquale, Del McIntosh and Alexander Mead.

With fans watching in anticipation, Tyler made his presence known early on the track and led for the first 20 consecutive laps while Herzog, Licata, Hart and Shepherd were near by.

Because of contact on Lap 20, Herzog and Licata were sent to the back of the race.

While being sent to the rear could be a devastating blow to a driver's chances of winning, Herzog knew there was plenty of race left in the 100-lapper and did what he had to do to climb back to the top.

Although two more cautions would follow because of contact in the middle of the pack, Shepherd - the division's top qualifier (15.221) - used the restarts on Lap 27 and 30 to his advantage and took the lead ahead of Tyler.

Looking for his third win of the season, Shepherd came into the event trailing Hart by three in the overall point total lead while Herzog sat in third overall.

While Shepherd was running a nice line, the defending series champ Erickson kept real close tabs on him in second place with Hart, Tyler and Guibor running in the first five spots on the leader board.

After sitting out the first four races, Erickson was coming off a Race No. 5 win on July 25.

On the last lap before the halfway break, Erickson pulled ahead of Shepherd to get into first while all 16 cars were still in one piece and on the lead lap heading into the pits.

To begin the second half of the race, Shepherd came out determined to get his lead back and didn't waste any time after the green flag was waved.

With Erickson riding high and Shepherd underneath, the two were right next to each other before Gabe Herzog's car got into the wall on the back straightaway just one lap after the green flag was waved.

Both leaders were jumpy on the restarts - trying to gain any advantage in the very even battle.

Once officials determined that the start was clean, Shepherd bolted out front ahead of Erickson.

Just as it appeared Shepherd was creating a little bit of distance from the rest of the field, sparks could be seen flying underneath Pasquale's car while McIntosh and Schlundt's cars were involved in a mess on Lap 61 after Turn 1.

Schlundt was able to continue for the rest of the race while, like for Gabe Herzog on Lap 51, the night came to a disappointing end for McIntosh.

After all the cars got grouped together for a restart, Herzog made a hard-charging, now-or-never move to get permanently into first ahead of Shepherd, Hart, Thompson and Erickson.

On Lap 75, Erickson passed Thompson to get into third behind Shepherd and Herzog.

Despite a restart with 10 laps to go, Herzog kept his cool and continued to press foward while Shepherd stayed in second.

While Herzog crossed the finish line, Shepherd was able to hold off a last-ditch effort by Erickson to take second.

Showing their durability, Tyler (fourth), Thompson (fifth), Roberts (sixth), Aguirre (seventh), Schlundt (eighth), Tucker (ninth), and Hart (tenth) all ran the complete 100 laps.


The last race of the night ended with Open Hobby Stock driver Josh Whitfield overcome with excitement.

In Race No. 6 of the $500 to win, Whitfield didn't hold back his emotion and visibly celebrated his 50-lap (split 25's) victory.

Although Whitfield posted the division's top fast time of 15.972 and had easily won the previous five Open Hobby Stock races - totaling $2,500 in earnings, he had a reason to bask in the glory this time around.

Throughout the race, Howard Holden proved to be fierce competition for Whitfield.

Right as the green flag was waved to start the main, Holden wasted no time getting ahead while Whitfield was in the middle of the eight-car race.

Holden, who was coming off a win in the Hobby Stocks race on August 22, built a noticeable sized lead while the rest of the group including Joseph Riechmuth, Whitfield, Shelden Cooper, Kyle Fortney, Paul Beatty, Thomas Saurez and Bob Tilley all followed behind.

A Lap 17 caution wiped away Holden's lead as the cars got lined up together for the restart.

With two laps to go before the end of the first half, Whitfield got around Holden to take the lead while Riechmuth sat in third.

Once the race resumed, Howard and Whitfield were side-by-side and it was anyone's race at that point.

While a spinout and a heavy smoking car caused a pair of cautions, both Holden and Whitfield were there to accompany each other on the restarts.

After Turn 4 on Lap 40, Holden's car got into the wall while it made contact with Whitfield's - causing him to spin around.

Holden's car had to be towed to the infield while Whitfield was sent to the back with 10 laps to go.

Whitfield eventually passed the remaining drivers including Riechmuth, Beatty, and Saurez to get back into first on the way to his sixth victory and eighth overall at the Madera Speedway this season.

"We're undefeated in the West (overall), this car is just built to win," Whitfield told tracker announcer Outback Andy Foster in victory lane.

Riechmuth took second and Beatty rounded out the top three.


She is woman, see her win.

That's exactly what the Toyota Sedan drivers saw Jillaun Holden do in the 30-lap main.

Throughout the entire race, Holden never dipped below the second position on the leader board.

"I couldn't believe it when I went across the checkered flag and I had won," said Holden, a rookie driver in the class. "I had no clue that we would win tonight. Coming out here in the heat races, practices and everything else, I was off and the car was loose."

Holden (17.939) qualified fifth while points leader Tim Curtis had the best time of 17.490.

While she was third in her heat race, Jason Lawton and Brennen Mankin each were winners.

With the likes of Curtis, Lawton and Mankin in the division, Holden knew she'd have her work cut out for her.

"They are very good competitors and fast each week," said Holden, who never finished in the top three prior to this race. "They'd come over to me every week and give me encouragement to keep coming out here. If it wasn't for them and my crew, we wouldn't be where we are now."

Holden was among the other female drivers who started the main in the front including Shirley Curtis, Candee McIntosh and Lucy Carmona.

"It's not just a guy sport, it can be for girls too," Holden said after signing an autograph for a youth girl fan. "I hope that the younger generation sees that, gets out here and tries it as well."

McIntosh was in the lead early with Holden in second, Lawton in third and Mankin in fourth.

Mankin and Holden would continue to switch the lead from Laps 12-20, which had two restarts including one where the race came to a halt after McIntosh and Eric Woods were involved in an accident.

They were announced to be okay afterwards.

On Lap 21, Mankin cut in front of Curtis, Holden and Lawton to retake the lead.

Three laps later, both Mankin and Curtis were sent to the back after causing a caution.

That left Holden in first, who wisely took the outside line on the restart and took off to be the clear-cut winner.

"It was exciting to be out there up in front and do well," said Holden, whose husband Howard is a well-known Hobby Stocks driver. "To go out there and start where I started and finish where I finished was actually impressive and exciting. It just goes to show that it's anybody's game, it doesn't matter who you are when you're racing. Your adrenaline is going and you just go out there and do the best that you can."

For Holden, it will be a night to always remember as she was grateful for all who helped make it happen.

"I got remarkable support between my car owner, my crew and my family," said Holden, who also raced Hobby Stocks the past two seasons and was the division's Rookie of the Year. "Tonight after I won, everybody was standing up and cheering for me."

Finishing in second was Mankin while Carmona also worked her way up to take a respectable third place.


Although Thompson has enjoyed many hard-fought wins in the MST division, the multi-track champion found himself as the benefactor of a havoc-filled race.

While Thompson came back to make his way up into the top four, the three cars ahead of him got into a bit of a mix-up on Lap 19.

In a chain reaction crash involving Bert Stephens, John Bowersox, Darrell Herzog, Rian Bowman and Zachary Cook, officials warned drivers that one more caution would end the race.

With Thompson now leading the race, another yellow came out just four laps later.

That prompted officials to end the race on yellow-checkered which left Thompson as the 23-lap victor.

Although he didn't get to complete the full victory lap, Thompson did turn around his previous misfortune.

He was leading in the early portion of the race after passing Jed Gilman to take over the top spot.

On Lap 8, Thompson was spun-out and sent to the back of the race along with Tyler Herzog.

That left Stephens in front, who kept the lead after two restarts and stayed in it all the way until Lap 19 before the chaos ensued.

Darrell Herzog, who posted the fast time of 16.839 and won a six-lap heat race earlier in the day, took second while Bowerox, who also won a heat race, finished third.

In the WSRA Mini Cups, top qualifier Andrew Payne (17.705) was the winner in the 20-lap race.

In a main featuring the next generation of racecar stars, Payne led the entire way.

While Payne was way ahead in first place, Justin Scantlen - a four-lap trophy dash winner - eventually passed Austin Herzog late in the race to take second.

The Madera Speedway returns Saturday (September 5) with the Madera Late Models, Madera Hobby Stocks, NCPRO 4 Modifieds, MST money race, and the Toyota Sedans/4-Bangers money race.



LoanMart Late Model Open - 100 Laps
1. Bryan Herzog
2. Matt Erickson
3. Buddy Shepherd
4. Garland Tyler
5. Rick Thompson
6. Ronnie Roberts
7. Jason Aguirre
8. Trevor Schlundt
9. Emma Tucker
10. Ryan Hart
11. Larry Pasquale
12. Alexander Mead
13. Danny Guibor
14. Del McIntosh
15. Gabe Herzog

Open Hobby Stocks - 50 Laps
1. Josh Whitfield
2. Joseph Riechmuth
3. Paul Beatty
4. Thomas Saurez
5. Bob Tilley
6. Howard Holden
7. Shelden Cooper
8. Kyle Fortney

Toyota Sedans - 30 Laps
1. Jillaun Holden
2. Brennen Mankin
3. Lucy Carmona
4. Tim Curtis
5. Shirley Curtis
6. Nic Milanesi
7. Jason Lawton
8. Eric Woods
9. Candee McIntosh

MST - 23 Laps
1. Kevin Thompson
2. Darrell Herzog
3. John Bowersox
4. Bert Stephens
5. Zachary Cook
6. Tyler Herzog
7. Elliot Stjerne
8. Rian Bowman
9. Patrick Geiger
10. Jed Gilman

WSRA Mini Cups - 20 Laps
1. Andrew Payne
2. Justin Scantlen
3. Austin Herzog
4. Alec Acevedo
5. Sammy Nuno
6. Joshua Terry

Heat Races

Toyota Sedans (Heat 1) - 7 Laps
1. Jason Lawton
2. Tim Curtis
3. Jillaun Holden
4. Candee McIntosh
5. Nic Milanesi

Toyota Sedans (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. Brennen Mankin
2. Lucy Carmona
3. Eric Woods
4. Shirley Curtis

MST (Heat 1) - 6 Laps
1. Darrell Herzog
2. Tyler Herzog
3. Elliot Stjerne
4. Zachary Cook
5. Rian Bowman

MST (Heat 2) - 6 Laps
1. John Bowersox
2. Bert Stephens
3. Jed Gilman
4. Patrick Geiger
5. Kevin Thompson

Trophy Dash

WSRA Mini Cup - 4 Laps
1. Justin Scantlen
2. Austin Herzog
3. Sammy Nuno
4. Alec Acevedo
5. Joshua Terry

Qualifying - 2 Laps

LoanMart Late Model Open
1. Buddy Shepherd 15.221
2. Matt Erickson 15.384
3. Bryan Herzog 15.397
4. Gabe Herzog 15.519
5. Ronnie Roberts 15.536
6. Joey Licata 15.537
7. Trevor Schlundt 15.570
8. Danny Guibor 15.577
9. Garland Tyler 15.659
10. Ryan Hart 15.712
11. Jason Aguirre 15.735
12. Emma Tucker 15.740
13. Rick Thompson 15.795
14. Larry Pasquale 15.850
15. Del McIntosh 15.933
16. Alexander Mead 16.050

Open Hobby Stocks
1. Josh Whitfield 15.972
2. Howard Holden 16.160
3. Joseph Riechmuth 16.199
4. Paul Beatty 16.352
5. Kyle Fortney 16.515
6. Shelden Cooper 16.761
7. Thomas Saurez 17.701
8. Bob Tilley 19.679

Toyota Sedans
1. Tim Curtis 17.490
2. Brennen Mankin 17.636
3. Jason Lawton 17.723
4. Eric Woods 17.907
5. Jillaun Holden 17.939
6. Lucy Carmona 17.972
7. Candee McIntosh 18.135
8. Shirley Curtis 18.326
9. Nic Milanesi 18.477

1. Darrell Herzog 16.839
2. John Bowersox 16.977
3. Elliot Stjerne 16.985
4. Kevin Thompson 17.061
5. Tyler Herzog 17.064
6. Bert Stephens 17.106
7. Zachary Cook 17.288
8. Jed Gilman 17.290
9. Rian Bowman 17.437
10. Patrick Geiger 28.610

WSRA Mini Cups
1. Andrew Payne 17.705
2. Justin Scantlen 18.098
3. Austin Herzog 18.151
4. Alec Acevedo 18.308
5. Sammy Nuno 18.363
6. Joshua Terry 20.102

Erickson wins 100-lapper in comeback fashion at the LoanMart Madera Speedway
By Ronald Montez / The Madera Tribune

In the 100-lap race of the LoanMart Late Model Series, winning driver Matt Erickson delivered a simple yet powerful message to the fans and fellow competitors: never give up hope, no matter what the situation is.

Despite trailing for all but three laps on Saturday night (July 25), Erickson kept at it and stayed in a close enough distance to position himself for a comeback win in Race No. 5 of the $10,000.00 to win LoanMart Open Late Model Series 100-lap (split 50's) main event.

"At the halfway break, I thought I wasn't even going to come close to winning," said Erickson, who was in third place after 46 laps. "I was going to settle for a top-five finish. We worked on the car and made a couple of adjustments, it actually woke the car up."

It was the first race of the season for the defending Open Late Model champ, who had to sit out the first four events for disciplinary actions stemming from last year's series finale.

Back racing on the "Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West", Erickson gave the loyal Speedway fans a memorable finish as he passed fellow competitor and runner-up Bryan Herzog in the closing moments of the 100-lap saga.

The veteran driver Herzog was aiming for his third straight win after posting victories on June 20 and May 30.

"I think we have the same amount of laps on this track," said Erickson. "I've lost count on how many I've ran but he's been racing here probably his whole life and I've been here since 2007. We know how this track works. He's what they call a bottom feeder because he likes to stay on the bottom (part of the racetrack). I'll move around and go to the high-side or I'll go wherever and do whatever I have to do to at least try to win the race. It's either win or go out trying."

In a battle of strong wills, it was those in the grandstands who got to witness the electrifying made for MAVTV finish between the two drivers.

"That's what we try to do," Erickson said about giving the crowd an exciting and fierce show. "Without them, we wouldn't be here and the place would be closed down. So hopefully the fans liked that race and next month, they'll bring some more of their friends out and we'll have even more people out here."

That race is set for August 29.

With the 100-lap victory, Erickson joined a list of winner's on the night including Josh Whitfield (Open Hobby Stocks), Robby Czub (Legends of the Pacific), Ronnie Davis (Southwest Tour Trucks), Tim Curtis (Toyota Sedans), Tyler Herzog (MST's) and Andrew Payne (WSRA Mini Cups).


Before Erickson could claim the 100-lap main, he and Herzog had some ground to make up in the 22-car field.

"Obviously a full field is better," Erickson said of the big car count. "It makes it more interesting for the fans and gives you more cars to race against. When you come up to lapped cars, it's like going past traffic on the freeway. You have to dice and hopefully you pick the right lane. You have to have a lot more strategy out there."

Chad Holman, Ryan Hart, Joey Licata, Emma Tucker, and Buddy Shepherd were among the number of drivers who didn't make it easy for Erickson or Herzog early on.

Holman was the leader to start and continued to hold that position despite three restarts including one where the race came to a complete stop because of a seven-car mix-up caused by Shepherd, who turned Hart around on Lap 5.

"The first part of the race was a little frustrating because it seemed like we were going three laps and then there was a caution, then three more laps and another a caution," said Erickson, who eventually got into fourth after the restart. "It's like, 'come on guys, get your head on straight'- type of a deal."

Once Speedway officials sorted out the jumble, Holman still led with Licata, Tucker, Erickson, and Herzog behind in the top five.

Herzog built his way to third to only trail Holman and Licata before passing each of them following a Lap 26 restart.

Using his inside line, Herzog passed Holman on Lap 28 and didn't let three more yellows cost him his lead heading into pits after 46 complete laps.

Following Herzog in the No. 2-10 spots was Licata, Erickson, Holman, top qualifier Ryan Philpott (15.441), Rick Thompson, J.R. Courage, Bryce Napier, Shepherd, and Gabe Herzog.

When the cars returned to the track for the final 50 laps, Herzog stayed in front of Licata, Philpott and Erickson.

A flat tire by Licata, a piece of debris on the track and a spinout by Dennis Byers didn't keep Herzog from losing any momentum in the top spot.

According to Erickson, Herzog was tough to get around on the restarts.

"He just has a big motor in that car of his, he's running an open motor and we're running a crate motor," said Erickson, who was in fourth behind Herzog, Philpott and Shepherd before getting into second on Lap 83. "We're 200 pounds lighter but on the restarts and all that, it's hard to get position. Then when you get on the outside of him, you get the position in the middle of the corner but by the time you're coming off, they clear you with the big motor that they got, so you're still behind them. To do it (pass Herzog), you have to be side-by-side with him the whole time in the corner. It's just real hard to beat, you have to let your car roll. After that adjustment, it was rolling pretty good for us. With 25 to go, I was reeling him in on the outside and passing the second place car and I was thinking that I may have a chance to win this deal. "

After the cars of Garland Tyler, Gabe Herzog and Tucker got crunched together to force a red flag with 10 laps to go, Erickson caught up to Herzog on the restart as the two were neck-and-neck followed by Philpott and Shepherd.

"That was an upbeat pace that we were doing," said Erickson. "The top four of us were bumper to bumper. I think we were touching each other and you couldn't fit much between us."

On the Lap 94 and 96 restarts, the two continued to battle before Erickson grabbed the lead with three laps remaining.

Herzog didn't back off in the down-to-the-wire finish before Erickson could breathe a giant of sigh of relief once crossing the finish line.

"Those last two restarts helped me," said Erickson. "I got the jump on him and he raced me clean. We were able to pull out a win by a car length or so."

After Herzog was Philpott in third, Shepherd in fourth and Trevor Schlundt in fifth.



Like Erickson, another defending champion had to patiently climb up the position ladder.

Although he was the fastest qualifier (17.519) and a six-lap heat race winner, Curtis didn't reach the front of the Toyota Sedans race until there were 10 laps to go in his 25-lap main win.

While Curtis had to produce yet another come-from-behind victory, he got a strong challenge in the beginning of the race from Matt Doran, Jillaun Holden, Donnie Large Jr., Lucy Carmona and Jason Lawton, who also won a six-lap heat race.

With Doran and Holden battling in the top two spots, Curtis trailed Large before passing him on Lap 7.

Following a restart, Curtis began to close in on Doran, who was staying on the outside.

Running on the inside of him, Curtis pulled ahead for good on Lap 15.

Even though a restart with three laps to go lined the cars back together, Curtis held onto his lead while Large was runner-up, Doran placed third, Carmona took fourth and Holden rounded out the top-five.


Although it took some laps to do, Whitfield and Czub inevitably made their way to the front and finished strong in their respective races.

It was no coincidence that both drivers posted the top qualifying mark in those divisions as Czub (16.311) and Whitfield (16.049) have combined for nine main wins on the Speedway's track this season.

Whitfield, who began the 50-lap main in the fifth position, trailed early behind Kyle Fortney, who led for the first nine laps.

Whitfield passed Paul Beatty and Eloy Bazan to get into third behind Fortney and Howard Holden.

On Lap 10, Holden and Whitfield passed Fortney before a spinout and a couple of flat tires caused yellows to be waved with five laps to go in the first half of the race.

From that point, Whitfield went into the break ahead of Holden, Shelden Cooper, Joseph Riechmuth, Justin Lovelace, Fortney, Thomas Saurez and Beatty.

In the second half, Whitfield began to pull away while him and Holden created a distance between them and the rest of the field.

Behind Whitfield and Holden's finish was Cooper, who took third.

Before Whitfield's win, Czub had to track down Pete Pierce in 35-lap Legends race.

Once he got past the early leader, Czub was tough catch as Cody Winchel (2nd) and Josh Fleming (3rd) all made trips to the top-three winner's circle.

Czub and Bob Kuebler each won an 8-lap heat race earlier in the day.


MST driver Herzog got the fantastic evening started on the right foot with a win in the 25-lap main.

Herzog outlasted six-lap heat race winner John Bowersox, who took second.

Darrell Herzog also had a big outing as the top qualifier (16.829), six-lap heat race winner and third place finisher.

Although he didn't qualify first, Davis saved the best for last and led the entire 30-lap main in the Southwest Tour Truck Series.

Fast qualifier Ron Nava (16.164) took second despite being spun out by Ed Cutler on Lap 20.

Cutler also bounced back and took third while Zack St. Onge was fourth and Roger Harder - the six-lap heat race winner - was fifth.

Just as Davis did, Andrew Payne led from the first lap on in the 20-lap WSRA Mini Cups main.

Payne was also the No. 1 qualifier (17.803) and four-lap trophy dash winner before building a giant lead in his main.

The Madera Speedway is back this Saturday (August 1) for Children's Hospital Kids Night Presented by JBT FoodTech featuring the Madera Late Models, Madera Hobby Stocks, 4-Banger, Toyota Sedans, and MST's.