All Pro Late Model, Modified, Hobby Stock and Challenge Cup drivers can now submit your entry for the October 16th Triple Turkey Open Show. Note, all 51FIFTY Jr Late Model drivers that competed in 2021 are eligible to compete in the Triple Turkey Open show.



To enter into the Triple Turkey Open show all drivers/teams have to do is TEXT a message to the Madera Speedway track phone with the title “Triple Turkey” driver’s name, division/class you are racing, car number and home town.



Again, to enter into the October 16th race event all Pro Late Model, Hobby Stock, Modified and Challenge Cup teams can enter by texting your driver’s name, division, car number and driver’s hometown to the Madera Speedway track phone at 559-507-9931. If you enter by the pre-entry deadline of October 11th at 5pm you will receive a $25 discount on your entry and you will get on our media list as well.



Note, to make this easy for all race team all fees will be paid at the track the day of the event. So, get on the entry list to receive a discount and then pay at the track the day of the event.



The Pro Late Models and Modifieds will pay $5,000 to win with 40 or more cars, $3,000 to win with 30-39 cars, $2,000 to win with 18-29 cars, and $1,000 to win with 13-17 cars. The Hobby Stocks will pay $500 to win. The Pro Late Model race will be 100 laps without a break, the Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Challenge Cup will be 75 lap races without a break.


The rules for the Pro Late Models are the same as the MAVTV Series, the rules for the Modifieds are the same as North State, the rules for the Challenge Cup the standard series rules, the Hobby Stocks are 3,000 pounds for the 602 cars with 58% left and 3,100 and 56% left for the open engine cars with all cars running the 970 tires on a wheel no wider than 8" wide.



If you have other questions, please call the race office at 209-356-1968.



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