The 2022 Pumpkin Smash Enduro is a 200 Lap race!


October 29th, 2022 is the 15th Annual Pumpkin Smash Wet Enduro at the Madera Speedway!  ”RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG” ENDURO


FEATURE PURSE: 31 or more cars


1st - $2,000.00 + trophy, 2nd - $1,000 + trophy, 3rd - $500 + trophy, 4th $250, 5th 125, 6th & 7th 100, 8th, 9th & 10th $75, 11th & 12th 60, 13th,14th & 15th $50.


30 cars or less


1st - $1,000.00 + trophy, 2nd - $400 + trophy, 3rd - $250 + trophy, 4th - $125, 5th - $100, 6-10th $75, 11-15th $40




Entry opens on October 1st, 2022 and the entry fee is $125 for car/driver and transponder if you pre-enter by 10-25-22. The entry fee after that is $175 per car/driver. All cars must use a transponder clip and NOT ZIP TIES to secure the transponders.


You must pre-enter by texting the race office at 559-507-9931 and text a message with "PUMPKIN SMASH", your name, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, car number and hometown. You will then pay at the track the discount price the day of the race.


The Pumpkin Smash is a Super Slick Track RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG style Enduro.


2022 PUMPKIN SMASH 200 Rules


START: Self-start with forward and reverse

WHEEL BASE: Maximum wheel base 116 inches/minimum wheel base 94 inches

MAXIMUM CAR WIDTH: Maximum width of car 92 inches

STEERING: No center steering type cars

CAR WEIGHT: Minimum 2500 pounds with driver. Maximum 3800 pounds without driver or passenger.

TIRES & WHEELS: 4 tires and wheels only, must have at least 20 psi in the tires to start. Top of tire measured from the ground must not exceed 32 inches. Wheels up to and including 8 inches in width may run any tire. 10 Inch wide wheels must be steel and tire must be an ungrooved asphalt slick only. Wheels cannot be solid and no other wheel and tire combo will be allowed. No wheel covers allowed!

CAR BODY: Cars must have hood, doors, rear quarters and a trunk or covered rear deck. If running a spoiler, clear lexan is highly recommended!! No part of body can be made out of material more than 1/16 gauge thick. No nerf bars outside the tires. NO EXCEPTIONS. Seats must have steel protection underneath.

BUMPERS: All cars must have bumpers that are completely welded in and or chained. Bumper loop or chain mandatory for towing purposes. Madera Speedway is not responsible for any damages from towing or pushing. No solid black bumpers. No sharp/pointed edges on bumpers or any other part of car!

FUEL TANK/FUEL CELL: Fuel Cell maximum of 32 gallons, securely mounted and protected. if you are not using a fuel cell the tank must be mounted inside the trunk.

Non-Fuel Cell Cars- Gas tanks must be moved into the trunk with a coiled vent, not left in stock position. Gooseneck must be cut and rubber hose installed. A metal firewall must be installed between the trunk and passenger compartment. A racing style fuel cell is recommended and may be substituted for the stock tank. Fuel tanks must be securely strapped and secured to frame or unibody. No plumbers tape! Sheet metal must be added to the trunk area to complete fire pan between cell & passenger area/ground. Fuel line, if run through drivers compartment must be secured inside of conduit or similar type pipe. Fuel shut off recommended. Fuel filter cannot hold more than a quart and fuel line cannot exceed more than 1/2” diameter and a maximum of 16 foot long.

CAGE: All cars will have a minimum of a 4 point cage with a minimum of 3 driver door bars with vertical supports securely welded, 1 1⁄2 - 0.95 minimum. All bars that can be touched by driver while driver is in the seat must have roll bar padding. Steel driver door plate and window net required.

DRIVE SHAFT: Drive shaft must be painted white and must have safety loop or chain.

BRAKES: Cars must have working brakes.

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: Car must have minimum of 3 windshield bars. Racing seat mandatory in 2019 and 5 point seat belt harness must be securely mounted to cage. Full face helmet, fire suit, gloves and neck brace required. Small fire extinguisher required, securely mounted in all cars.

No 2 way radios and no outside mirrors.

DOOR NUMBER: Cars must have contrasting large, easily readable numbers on doors and roof.

No 4 wheel or all wheel drive allowed.

Passengers allowed, passenger must meet all safety requirements as driver. Car must have 3 passenger door

bars, steel plate under seat, steel door plate, passenger window net and roll bar padding same as driver.

MUFFLERS: Mufflers required on all cars.


If  you have ANY questions please call,


Kenny Shepherd- 559-507-9931


2022 Copyright Short Track Management, LLC

1850 W. Cleveland Ave

Madera, CA. 93637