Race Office 209-356-1968         Track Hot Line 559-673-7223



MAY 22nd MADERA SPEEDWAY Military Tribute MAVTV Night



May 21st Friday Practice / Pits Open at 3:00pm with the track open from 5-8:45pm.


10am – 2pm Session / Call the race office at 209-356-1968 for information on the 10-2 session


5:00-5:30 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


5:30-6:00 Nut Up Pro Late Models


6:00-6:15 Challenge Cup/MST/Mini Cup/Bandos


6:15-6:45 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


6:45-7:15 Nut Up Pro Late Models


7:15 -7:30 Challenge Cup/MST/Mini Cup/Bandos


7:30-7:45 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


7:45-8:00 Nut Up Pro Late Models


8:00-8:15 Challenge Cup/MST/Mini Cup/Bandos


8:15-8:45 High side only with all divisions rotating




Saturday May 22nd - Pit Opens at 11:00am


Drivers Meeting for 51FIFTY Jr Late Models drivers/spotters – 12:15pm


Drivers Meeting for Nut Up Pros, Challenge Cup, MSTs and Mini Cup/Bandos 12:30pm


Practice – 1:00pm (Grandstands Open)


1:00-1:05pm – Mini Cup/Bandos


1:05-1:15pm – Challenge Cup


1:15-1:20pm - Mini Super Toyotas


1:20-1:40pm – 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


1:40-2:00pm – Nut Up Pro Late Models


2:00-2:05pm – Mini Cup/Bandos


2:05-2:15pm – Challenge Cup


2:15-2:20pm Mini Super Toyotas


2:20-2:40pm – 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


2:40-3:00pm – Nut Up Pro Late Models



Qualifying – 3:05pm


Mini Cup/Bandos


Challenge Cup


Mini Super Toyotas


51FIFTY Jr Late Models


Nut Up Pro Late Models



Heat Races – 4:40pm (8 Laps)


Mini Cup




Mini Super Toyotas



Opening Ceremonies with Mini Cup/Bandos on the Track – 5:20pm



Main Events – 5:30pm (Going Live at ShortTrack TV)



Mini Cup/Bandos (20 Laps)


51FIFTY Jr Late Models (70 Laps total / 40 laps then a ten-minute break on track then 30 laps)


Challenge Cup (50 Laps)


Mini Super Toyotas (30 Laps)


Nut Up Pro Late Models $2,000 to win (80 Laps total / 50 laps then a ten-minute break on track and then 30 laps)




*All times and lap counts are subject to change



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