June 26th – MAVTV Televised Series Reverend Ron Spencer's Red, White and Blue Classic!  Race #5 of the $2,000 to win Nut Up Pro Model Series 80 Laps (50 Laps then a break, then 30 laps), Race #5 of the 51FIFTY Jr. Late Model Series 70 laps (40 laps then a break, then 30 laps), Mini Cup vs Bandoleros Series (Note, the Fireworks portion of this event has been canceled due to the length of time to get permits and the uncertainty of crowd size allowed by the State/County)



June 25th Friday Practice / Pits Open at 3:00pm with the track open from 5-8:30pm.


10am – 2pm Session / Call the race office at 209-356-1968 for information on the 10-2 session


5:00-5:30 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


5:30-6:00 Nut Up Pro Late Models


6:00-6:15 Mini Cup/Bandos


6:15-6:45 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


6:45-7:15 Nut Up Pro Late Models


7:15 -7:30 Mini Cup/Bandos


7:30-7:45 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


7:45-8:00 Nut Up Pro Late Models


8:00-8:10 Mini Cup/Bandos


8:10-8:30 High side only with all divisions rotating




Saturday June 26th  - Pit Opens at Noon


Drivers Meeting for all divisions  – 1:45pm


Spotters meeting for all divisions – 2:00pm


Practice – 2:30pm (Grandstands Open)


2:35-2:55pm 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


2:55- 3-05pm Mini Cup/Bandos


3:05-3:25pm – Nut Up Pro Late Models


3:25-3:55pm - 51FIFTY Jr Late Models


3:55-4:05pm – Mini Cup/Bandos


4:05-4:25pm – Nut Up Pro Late Models




Qualifying – 4:30pm


51FIFTY Jr Late Models


Mini Cup/Bandos


Nut Up Pro Late Models




Heat Races – 6pm (8 Laps)


Mini Cup





Opening Ceremonies with all Jr Late Models on the track parked diagonal for pre-race with American flags in the car windows  – 6:20pm



Main Events – 6:30pm (Going Live at ShortTrack TV at 6:20pm)


51FIFTY Jr Late Models (70 Laps total / 40 laps then a ten-minute break on track then 30 laps)


Mini Cup/Bandos (20 Laps)


Nut Up Pro Late Models $2,000 to win (80 Laps total / 50 laps then a ten-minute break on track and then 30 laps)




*All times and lap counts are subject to change



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