Madera Late Model 2017 Rules (note, there are eight (8) Madera Late Model races in 2017, each will pay 25 points to win. There are eight LoanMart Open Late Model races in 2017, they will pay 50 points to win. The driver that collects the most points between these two series will be the 2017 Late Model overall Champion)

Late Model Series Rules

1. Any late model type chassis allowed / Body type is open. No nose splitters, wickers, or wings allowed on the car. There is a 48" maximum front overhang measured from the axle measured to the forward most part of the car, ABC nose piece firmly recommended (note, any car that does not run an ABC style nose will be on a zero contact policy). There is a 55" maximum rear overhang measured from the rear axle to the rearward most part of the race car body/bumper/spoiler (nothing may extend beyond 55"). Note; If rear bumper rail is exposed, it must be rounded where it meets the quarter panels so that it has no square edges. The bumper must extend to the rear of the car even with the spoiler, or extend beyond the spoiler of the car. Maximum rear quarter panel height is 36 ". Minimum wheel base is 101".

2. Any cast iron block wet sump engine allowed.

3. The engine set-back rule is 1.5" back (the center of the forward most spark plug to the center of the upper ball joint on the same side) on the all non-602 crate engines. Maximum engine set-back for the 602 crate engine is 6" measured the same way.

4. 602 cars are to be a minimum of 2850lbs total weight and a maximum of 60% left side weight. All others are to be 3050lbs and a maximum of 60% left side weight. 602 motors must remain OEM from factory and may not turn more than 6,000 RPM's.

5. Any single 4bbl carburetor allowed.

6. Tires are the Hoosier 8.0-15/970 treaded tire. Tires MUST be purchased from the track, and tires MAY NOT be cut, soaked or altered in any way. Any team wishing to run used tires must submit the tires for inspection and scanning prior to qualifying.

7. Wheels must be steel and not exceed 8" in width.

8. Competitors must start the race on the tires they qualified with.

9. Any steel shock, all parts must be steel (Aluminum rod end on the shaft end ok)

10. No traction control devices.

11. All competing cars will not exceed 79" inch track width, it will be measured from the bulge outside to outside of the front tires at the spindle height.

12. Rear Spoiler may be no wider than 60", and no taller than 6 1/2". There may be NO forward support of any kind, no boxed ends or runners. No Gurney lip, or any type of wicker bill on the upper edge of the spoiler.

13. Tour Car Rule (Dry Sump Engine)- You may run a tour legal car with a dry sump engine in the LoanMart Open Late Model series. Track width must not exceed 75" it will be measured from the bulge outside to outside of the front tires at the spindle height. Must use an all steel shock (aluminum rod end on shaft end ok, aluminum coil over kit ok). Left side weight not to exceed 58%, minimum weight is 3,050 pounds prior to race and qualifying. Must use 8" steel wheel and the Hoosier 8.0-15/970 treaded tire.

14. All cars must run the track spec fuel, the track spec fuel is Sunoco 110 Purple race fuel. Teams may also run stock Chevron 91 octane pump fuel, or Sunoco E-85R fuel from the track.

15. Drive shaft, NO carbon fiber drive shafts allowed.

Note, the following infractions will result in a firm penalty which could include a LIFETIME ban from the series.
A. Being caught with traction control.
B. Bypassing the RPM limiting control device in any way.
C. Altering the 602 crate engine under the seals in any way that is non OEM. (you may run aftermarket valve springs but they must be the same spring pressures as OEM, you may run any carburetor, you may run the approved aftermarket replacement distributer, you must run a mechanical fuel pump in the stock location, and you must run the stock oil pan and stock harmonic balancer).
D. Altering the Hoosier 970 tire, such as soaking the tire, or cutting the tire. Tires are to be a stock 970 tire.
E. If you are caught cheating the fuel in any way, the Sunoco fuel must be stock, and must not have ANY additives whatsoever.

Illegal components may be confiscated by Madera Speedway and become property of the speedway.

Safety will be firmly enforced, make sure your equipment is up to speed. Charged Fire System Mandatory. Head and Neck Restraint System mandatory. Belts, window net, and Helmets must be SA 2005 or newer. All Drivers must wear SFI rated suit, gloves, and shoes. SFI undergarments are recommended.

All cars must run a transponder mounted 12" behind the rear axle.

LoanMart Madera Speedway Race Procedures

" Start and Restarts: All Starts and restarts will be double file unless we deem it necessary to go single file. The Leader may choose the outside or inside line after the initial start of the race. Start line is at the cone located in turn 4. Once the lights are out, you must line up double file with the Leader a fender ahead of the second place car. Keep a reasonable pace to the Start Cone. Roll into the throttle at the vicinity of the cone and watch the Flagman for the Green Flag. No brake checking. No Passing/Pulling out of line prior to reaching the Start/Finish line. The front row will be given 2 attempts to start or restart the race. If they fail to, they will be penalized to the second row. The criteria for the start that the flagman is looking for is as follows; 1- The leader has set a reasonable pace. 2- The leader has a slight lead. 3- The leader initiates the start in the vicinity of the start cone/line.

" Caution Flag Procedures: When the Caution Flag is displayed, you are to slow down in a safe manner and proceed with caution back to the start /finish line single file. No Racing or Passing. Violators are subject to penalty. Your restart position will be the position you were in the previous completed lap unless you are deemed to be involved in the incident that brought out or led to the yellow flag being displayed. If you are involved in causing a caution flag you will be sent to the rear of the field. If you stop on track or fail to keep pace during the caution flag, and were not involved with an incident, you will be placed in the position where you blend back in to the field. Caution Flag laps may be counted if we deem necessary.

" Rough Driving: Rough driving will not be tolerated as well as any retaliation. If you are deemed to be the cause of an incident or involved, you will be placed to the very rear of the Field unless the other competitor involved was deemed to be Blocking. Depending on the incident, you may be parked, issued a fine, and penalized.

" Hot Pits: If you enter the Pits for any reason you will restart at the rear of the Field, just in front of any Lucky Dog cars.

" Lap Down Cars: All lap down cars will be moved to the rear on all restarts. There will be a Lucky Dog on every yellow flag giving one driver the least amount of laps down, one lap back and putting them to the very rear of the field unless the eligible car was involved in the yellow flag incident.

" Blue Flag; Blue flag means move over the leadings our coming. Follow the Flagman's direction and move to the high side if possible. Make sure you hold your line. Use hand signals to notify them of your intentions

" Black Flag: Black flag pointed at you is a warning in regards to your actions on the track. If it is displayed, you must go to the pits within 3 laps

" Red Flag: Red flag means stop in a safe manner and follow Track Officials directions. Cars in the Hot Pits may be worked on.