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MADERA SPEEDWAY F4/Beater Cross Team SERIES 2019 Rules


Madera Speedway reserves the right to alter or amend these rules and regulations in the interest of safety cost control and or fair competition. Any changes will be posted as an "addendum" to the rules.


It is the responsibility of each competitor to read and understand the contents of this rulebook. In the event of a disagreement or dispute regarding the interpretation or application of the rules written herein, the decision of the Speedway Competition Director shall prevail.


If this rule book does not specifically state that you can alter, change or otherwise modify something on your car, it will be considered a violation of these rules. Illegal components may be confiscated by Madera Speedway and become property of the speedway.


All deficient safety issues must be corrected before the car is allowed to compete. All non-safety rules infractions will be addressed by the Madera Speedway technical staff and, if deemed to have a performance advantage, may require the competitor to repair before being allowed to compete or if deemed acceptable may require a weight penalty be added for that nights event and the repair to be made before the next event can be participated in.


This division is intended as a true economy entry level starter division. The intent of this division is truly for fun. These are cars we race, NOT, race cars. This division is designed for fun, learning, and building motorsports friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.


0.0 Driver / passenger eligibility Drivers or passengers in this division must be at least 14 years old. A STM license is required for this division. All drivers must hold a current STM member license in good standing.


0.1 Any driver competing for rookie of the year points or who has competed in fewer than 6 races must display an obvious yellow stripe on the rear bumper of his or her vehicle while competing. Note, one of the two team drivers can compete for rookie of the year if they are a true rookie, even if their teammate is a veteran driver.


1.0 Competing models


1.1 Open to any front engine,2007 or older, front wheel drive American or Foreign made 4 cylinder passenger cars with a maximum wheel base of 105". No convertibles, T-tops, or Targa-tops. No trucks, vans or suvs. No rotary, turbo or supercharged cars. Sunroof cars must have a steel sheet metal panel installed to cover the hole in the roof.


1.2 All vehicle dimensions and appearance must remain unaltered and completely stock for year, make, and model used per manufacturer's published specifications. No alterations or customizing allowed. If the vehicle did not come with it from the factory than it is not allowed. Exception: Door opening may be altered for easier entrance and exit. Must meet DOC approval.


This division will have a claim rule in effect on the whole car. This is in place to equalize the competition and promote new participants. Any car competing in an event can be claimed by anyone attending that night's event. Anyone with a paid admission to the pits or the grandstand may claim a competing car for $2,000.00 cash. Anyone wishing to claim a car must present an envelope with $2,000.00 cash and a letter of intent as to which car is being claimed. The claiming party must submit his or her claim to a designated Madera Speedway official within 20 minutes of the conclusion of that night's main event for this division. The owner/driver of the car being claimed will have 45 minutes from the notification of claim to remove the driver and passenger seats and seat belts. At the conclusion of 45 minutes, the claimer takes possession of car as is. No other components may be removed from the vehicle. The claimer and claimee may wish to negotiate an additional price that includes seats, and seat belts. That is between those two parties.


1.4 If more than one person claims the same car, each claimant shall have one silent bid each increased from the $2,000.00 The claimant with the highest silent bid gets the right to the car claim. Only the first $2,000.00 goes to the driver being claimed. The remaining money over/above the $2,000.00 goes to Children's Hospital.


1.5 Refusal of a claim or hostility towards the claiming party will result in a 5 race suspension and a $500.00 fine to be paid before the suspension is lifted. The second refusal in a season will result in a $1000 fine and a 10 race suspension. Any attempt to damage or disable the vehicle before it is turned over to the new owner will be subject to a fine and suspension as well. All suspensions and fines will carry over into the next season. All cars claimed must be removed from the Madera Speedway property by nights end.


1.6 In the interest of maintaining fair competition. Madera Speedway manager may also claim a car, in the manner described above.


2.0 General Body Rules


2.1 All vehicle bodies must remain unaltered and stock. Only OEM body panels and bumper covers may be used.


2.2 Stock front and rear bumper covers must be used. A tube steel bumper (max 1 1/2" .095 tube) may be used in place of the stock plastic or Styrofoam inner bumper. Tube bumper must be under stock bumper cover.


2.3 All glass (except windshield) must be removed. Windshield may be replaced with Polycarbonate. All interior, stock seats, carpet, door panels and headliner must be removed. All chrome trim, headlights and taillights must be removed.


2.4 All doors must be welded or bolted shut in such a manner as to prevent opening in an impact. It must meet Madera Speedway tech staff approval.


2.5 All interior and inner structure sheet metal must be in place. No gutting or removal is allowed.

Drivers and passenger door excepted. Driver's compartment must be completely sealed from engine compartment and fuel tank area. All holes created by removal of heater or air conditioning components etc. must be patched and sealed with aluminum or steel sheet.


2.6 Fender wells may be cut for tire clearance only.


2.7 Front windshield may be replaced with 1/8" lexan (polycorbonate), not plexiglass. Must be full size and entirely cover stock windshield opening. Must be riveted or bolted around entire perimeter. Must have three steel vertical straps (1" X 1/8") at center portion of windshield on inside.


3.0 Appearance


3.1 Race cars must be maintained in a reasonably attractive and professional manner. Madera Speedway reserves the right to require repair of badly damaged body panels for either safety or cosmetic reasons. All race vehicles must run a hood at all times. Exception, a vehicle that is damaged during an event may remove damaged body parts for safety and continue to compete in that nights event but must repair or replace damaged pieces before the next event.


3.2 Car numbers shall be non-reflective, high contrast, easily distinguishable decals or painted. A minimum 18 inch high with a 4 inch stroke. Placement shall be on each door and on the roof easily readable from the passenger side of car. Madera Speedway reserves the right to determine legibility of car numbers and may require competitors to replace or repair numbers to make them more recognizable. Competitors who don't comply with this request may not be scored for that night's event.


3.3 Madera Speedway reserves the right to approve all commercial or editorial messages placed on competing cars. Cars with unapproved or inappropriate messages will not be allowed to compete if the competitor refuses to comply.


4.0 Weight. 4.1 There is no maximum or minimum weight requirement in this class. Any added weight must be steel or lead blocks and bolted securely with at least (2) 1/2" bolts. Must be painted white with car number displayed.


4.2 At the speedway managers discretion, any vehicle that appears to have a distinct performance advantage may be required to add additional weight in 20 lb. increments.


5.0 Suspension and Steering.


5.1 All suspension and steering components must remain stock OEM and unaltered for year make and model of car being used. Camber kits may be installed to increase camber maximum of 1 1/2 degrees pos. or neg.


5.2 Must use stock OEM springs. No aftermarket or rated springs allowed. All springs must mount in the stock location. Spring rubbers are allowed. No bump stops allowed.


5.3 Must use stock OEM or direct replacement shocks and struts. No high performance shocks or struts. No bump stops allowed.


5.4 Shocks and struts must mount in the stock OEM location. No relocating of upper strut towers for camber, No bending of strut tubes for camber. No upper strut tower stiffeners allowed.


6.0 Brakes


6.1 Must have working brakes on all 4 wheels. Must have stock OEM brakes and rotors only. No aftermarket or drilled rotors. Manual parking brake may be disabled but is recommended for cool "Smokey and the Bandit" type maneuvers.


7.0 Roll Cage


7.1 A minimum 6 point roll cage is required. Must be at least 1 1/2" .095 round mild steel tubing. A main cage hoop the width and height of the interior of the car is required. Must have a roof halo that extends from the main hoop to the front of the roof at the windshield. Must have 2 front upright legs to support the front of the halo. At least 2 horizontal spreader bars are required, 1 between the front uprights at dash level and 1 in the rear hoop just below shoulder level. 2 diagonal rear down bars running from the top of the main hoop down to the rear floor area are required. All points where the roll cage meet the floor pan a minimum 4"x4" 3/16 plate must be welded or bolted to the floor. If it is bolted to the floor and additional 4"x4" 3/16" plate is required on the bottom side to sandwich the floorboard. A minimum of 4 V2" bolts must be used at each leg. A minimum of 3 door bars on each side of the cage are required. Door bars may be in an "X" pattern with the third bar being a top horizontal bar or 3 horizontal door bars, evenly spaced top to bottom, with 2 spreaders between each bar. No roll cage bars or bracing may extend past the front or rear firewalls. No bracing of any strut or shock towers. All welds must be 360 degrees around all tubes and must be of professional quality. Madera Speedway reserves the right to require any unsatisfactory welds or construction to be repaired.


7.2 All roll bars should be padded at the point of possible contact with passenger or driver.


8.0 Engine and Transmission


8.1 Engine and transmission must be completely OEM stock for year make and model of car being used. Engine replacement must have same bore/stroke/compression/head design etc. Diesel engine is ok, NO swaps. No rotary, turbo charged, or super charged engines (even if it was stock). Must be mounted in stock location. No aftermarket engine pieces allowed.


8.2 Must run stock OEM air cleaner assembly, stock OEM ignition system. No programmers or performance chips allowed.


8.3 Transmission may be manual or automatic. Must be unaltered. No lock up converters or differentials.


9.0 Exhaust


9.1 Must run stock OEM exhaust. NO aftermarket headers allowed. Must run a single muffler sufficient enough to meet all sound requirements of the speedway. The catalytic converter must be removed.


9.2 All vehicles in this division competing, practicing or testing at Madera Speedway are required to comply with the mandated maximum sound output restriction. All individual vehicles are required meet a maximum decibel output of 95 DBA or less at 100'. No exceptions. Any vehicles found to be exceeding the allowable levels will be black flagged from the race track and required to make necessary repairs before being allowed back on the race track,


10.0 Fuel and fuel system


10.1 Only unleaded fuel may be used. Must use pump gas or race gas. No e-85, alcohol or methanol. No performance enhancing additives will be allowed.


10.2 Must run stock fuel system for car being used. A 1/8" steel or V4" aluminum plate covering the rear of the fuel tank is required for additional protection. A completly sealed fire wall must exist between the drivers compartment and the fuel tank if it is in the trunk area. Must meet Madera Speedway technical staff approval. An aftermarket made for racing fuel cell may be used but will stay with the car in the event of a claim.


Must have an approved roll over vent and be securely fastened by at least 2 steel l" x 1/8" steel straps.


11.0 Cooling and Electrical


11.1 A single automotive battery must be relocated either behind the driver or passenger or in the trunk. Battery must be in a poly leak proof box and be securely mounted using steel or aluminum straps. No nylon type hold down straps will be allowed.


11.2 All cars must be self-starting


11.3 A stock or aluminum radiator is allowed but must mount in the stock location in front of the engine.


11.4 Antifreeze shall not be allowed. Competitors found to be using antifreeze are subject to a $100 fine. Water Wetter, Pro Blend 40 below or other similar cooling system additives are allowed.


12.0 Wheels and Tires


12.1 -Cars may compete on the stock OEM wheels for make and model of car, or cars may compete on a aftermarket 7" wide steel racing wheel. Cars may compete on a DOT street legal tire or on the Hoosier 790 tire. Note that tires and wheels are required to go with the car in a claim situation.


13.0 Safety Requirements


13.1 Aluminum, made for racing seats will be required for the driver and passenger. Absolutely no plastic or fiberglass seats of any kind will be allowed. The seats must be securely mounted to the rear hoop of the roll cage and a steel bottom frame welded or bolted to the floor. Seats shall be bolted to the mounts with minimum 3/8" grade 8 bolts and large washers to prevent pull through.


13.2 Racing seat belts and harness are required for both driver and passenger. Older or out of date seat belts may be used but must pass visual inspection by Madera Speedway tech officials. A minimum 2" wide strap 5 point harness with individual double shoulder belts or "y" type shoulder belts shall be required. Seat belts should include an anti-sub belt to prevent the racer from sliding forward under the lap belts. Seat belts will be securely fastened to the main roll cage with welded tabs and minimum 1/2" bolts. Seat belts bolted directly to the floor pan will be required to have a 3/16" steel reinforcing plate welded to that mounting point. Shoulder belts should be anchored 6" below the shoulder by either bolting or securing around the spreader bar with the proper hardware.


13.3 Snell approved SA2000 or newer full face racing helmet is required for driver and passenger. Motorcycle or sport helmets will not be allowed.


13.4 A head restraint or neck collar is recommended to be worn at all times. A Hahns, Hutchins or other SFI approved head and neck restraint is strongly recommended. Racing is dangerous and all attempts should be made to minimize the risk of injury in the event of a crash.


13.5 SFI certified racing suits are required for all drivers and passengers at all times while on the track. Driver suits with large holes or rips will be required to be replaced. SFI rated gloves, shoes, and long underwear are highly recommended.


13.6 An automatic trigger or on board fire suppression system is highly recommended.


13.7 Any driver competing for rookie of the year points or who has competed in fewer than 6 races must display an obvious yellow stripe on the rear bumper of his or her vehicle while competing.


13.9 Transponders are required and must be mounted firmly in a transponder bracket no higher than 24" high just behind the passenger seat. Make sure there is a hole cut into the floorboard to allow the transponder to see the ground.


14.0 Co-Drivers and Passengers (All cars with a passenger will receive TEN (10) bonus points per event.


14.1 An F-4 Claimer racing with a passenger will display a bright orange ribbon or flag at least 12" long affixed to the left rear bumper for safety identification.


14.2 At the time of pit registration an F-4 Claimer Driver will be responsible for informing pit gate personnel of the identity of their passenger. Likewise, at the time of registration, the passenger is required to inform the pit gate personnel of his or her intent to participate as a passenger and register as such. Both the driver and passenger are responsible for knowing and obeying the rules, regulations, and policies of Madera Speedway. Failure of either the driver or the passenger to abide by the Madera Speedway rules and regulations regarding passenger safety, equipment, and/or identification shall result in a combination of disqualification, fine, loss of points, loss of money, or suspension that will apply to the driver.


15.0 Team Driving


15.1 Team driving is allowed and may be used as to accumulate points for the registered team. Only payout and one set of trophies be awarded based on this system. Each team must choose and register one primary driver by STM license number who will be assigned to the car for the whole season regardless of who drives the car. All records, announcements, scoring, points, payouts, penalties, fines, and special awards will be made to that primary driver's name and STM registration number. Any driver who competes without an STM license will not be awarded points. Prize earnings will only be reported to the primary drivers tax ID or social security number for tax purposes. Up to 3 people may be registered as team drivers. Each must have a STM license to qualify for points.


Race Format - All starts and restarts will be double file. All races will be 30 laps with a break at the 15 lap mark for driver changes. This break will take place at the start/finish line in front of the crowd. 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive trophies and interviews on victory lane after each race. This series is built on a team format, and each car carrying a passenger will receive ten (10) bonus points per event.


Car Claim - To make the series more accessible to more people that have no fabricating skills the series has a "Car Claim" built into the program. This "Car Claim" will be heavily promoted in the series encouraging fans to buy a car and to get involved in racing at Madera.


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