November 21st
- King of the Wing National Sprint Car series, SUPER MODIFIED "RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG"MADERA SHOWDOWN, USAC HPD Midget Series, NCMA/PBR Spec Sprints,

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8th Annual Pumpkin Smash a hit once again at the LoanMart Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez

Although the time for dressing up in costumes is still a couple of days away, the track surface at the LoanMart Speedway was given a bit of a Halloween makeover by its young fans and crew.

Just in time for the holiday season, the "Fastest 1/3 Mile in the West" was transformed on Saturday night (October 25, 2014) in the 8th Annual Pumpkin Smash Halloween Bash and Blow Up featuring the $2,000 to Win 250-Lap Enduro, Boat Drags and Destruction Derby.

After a significant number of children lined up to Trick or Treat thru the Pits following the opening ceremonies, those kids then helped shatter the large amount of donated pumpkins all along the front straightaway prior to the start of the boat drags.

For the first time since the 2011 season, spectators got to view cars racing around the track with large boats attached to the back of them that were dangling on every turn.

After the boat drag race concluded, it was a six-car "Royal Rumble" on the track's infield with the demolition derby.

In a no holds barred-type of exhibition, cars rammed and slammed into each other in close proximity until there were only two left standing - well barely - before a winner was decided.

If the boat drags and destruction derby weren't bizarre enough, the main event 250-lap Enduro race certainly had its share of wild and zany occurrences on a track that was smothered with pumpkin pieces, barrels filled with soapy water and had a couple of random boats sitting near the turns.

Amid the chaos, one driver who was able to hang on long enough and emerge out of the mess unscathed was Chris "The Magician" Lancaster.

"It's a balance - you have to be patient yet aggressive," Lancaster said of surviving the wacky the main. "It sounds like an oxymoron and contradictory but you have to look around because there's about five or six guys who are really good and if they get by you, that's when you have to get super aggressive until you can stay with them. As long as you're near them on the same lap, you have to calm down and drive cautiously because although the carnage and wrecks are what makes it exciting for the fans, it also takes a lot of good competitors out."

In his red, white and blue painted No. 7 car, Lancaster took the lead midway through the main and continued to lap his competitors despite several halts to a long race that was broken up into three segments.

"Patience and experience is the key," Lancaster said about what it took to win. "I've been racing since I was 16 and that's why they call me 'The Magician' because it's like magic how the car gets through those wrecks. On the front straightaway when there was a crash, that was pure magic how I got through there without ruining the car. I also changed the spark plug wires and the distributor before the race and it ran great."

Lancaster, who made the trek from Minneapolis, Minnesota, jumped on the hood click here for more

Holmes wins big payout on Championship Night at the LoanMart Madera Speedway By Ronald Montez
While winning a tall first-place shiny trophy is a nice and well-earned token for victorious drivers at the LoanMart Madera Speedway, competitors in the Open Late Model Series had another incentive to come out on top - $10,000.00 was also on the line.

In front of a packed house on Saturday night (October 14, 2014) in the "Best of the West" Short Track Shootout, it was the Open Late Model drivers who we're hoping to get their hands on the trophy that also came attached with the sizable monetary price. Click here for more...