MARCH 14th of 2015


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THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 2014! Here is a Thank You video to all of our fans, drivers, teams and everyone that supported the LoanMart Madera Speedway in 2014, click this link to view the thank you video

The King of the Wing from LoanMart Madera Speedway is on MAVTV this Thursday at 9:30am, and 12:30pm! The producers of the Dirty 30 TV show is the group that produced the TV show for the King of the Wing that will air Thursday. If you do not have MAVTV, go to and click on the "DEMAND IT" link on the right hand side of the homepage.

ADVERTISING SALE! Advertising with the LoanMart Madera Speedway in 2015 has never been easier!

We have two Special Promotions to help your business gain more exposure during 2015! The best news is we are having a BIG SALE on these promotions now through January 15th!

The first advertising item on SALE is the 8'x12' billboards, these are the billboards located around the race track and seen by fans that attend the races, and fans watching on TV. The sale price offered now through January 15th is only $1,000! This is $500 off the normal price, and this is the lowest price we ever offered on this billboard! You will also receive free PA mentions at every event with this promotion and this is an added $500 value at no charge!

The second advertising item that is on sale is the premium sponsorship package for five selected local races! For just $1,000 your company will receive the advertising and naming rights to one of the races, 100 free tickets, and the chance of a lifetime for selected individuals from your group to do the following; 1. Start the feature race by "drivers start your engines" command 2. Wave the green flag to start the race {feature division) 3. Present the trophy to the winner of the feature division.
4. If there a singer in your group, they can even perform the National Anthem live in front of the crowd!

Note, there are only five dates available for this special, and when they are gone, they are gone.

We even have payment plans available at no extra cost for both the 8'x10' billboard special, and the premium race event package!

Regular Billboard Prices are as follows; 8x8 billboard / $1,000, 8x12 billboard / $1,500, 8x16 billboard / $2,000. Prices are for the billboard space and do not include production cost of the sign. Prices are for the entire season.

Advertising on our TV shows; we have many opportunities for select companies to advertise with our TV shows, from TV commercials to banners at the track and everything in between! Please contact us for more information.

Contact Short Track Management, LLC at 209-356-1968, or e-mail Kenny Shepherd at for more information...


Madera, Ca (11.28.14) - After the successful 2014 season, the new rules and schedule for the 2015 season has been a hot topic. Well, today all the 2015 rules except for the new Winged Sprint cars series, and the Enduro Series have been released. The winged sprint rules and the enduro rules will be out next week.

Light adjustments were made in various rules packages to insure close competition and cost control is a priority at the LoanMart Madera Speedway for our competitors.

There are many exciting announcements just around the corner for the 2015 season, from TV races, to the release of the 2015 schedule, to the "BIG THREE" Series, to winged sprint races, to a new formula for winning the track championship in the Late Models and Hobby Stocks, plus much more!

To view the 2015 rules please go to and click on the rules button for the local series, or click on the LoanMart Open Late Model, or Open Hobby Stock banners on the right hand lower section of the homepage.